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Hwan Yeong!!!

Welcome to Coffee Prince with Soda Pop, a cafe run by Princes who want nothing more than to help accommodate the empty hours in your day.

Currently, we only have three Prince's (waiters) for your viewing pleasure in current employment. Though, we are always seeking more 'princes' to join us.

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Now, we shall present to you our currently employed waiters, your lovely Princes:

ShadowEternal ~ aka ~ Seung-Won Ren: The Shade Prince

He who desires to be light. He's a 'nice' guy who is easy to talk to. Seldom recites poetry, but when he does, it's usually infused with strong emotion. Though, at the end of the day, if you need someone to talk to and won't judge you afterwards, he will listen. But if you need complete honesty from him, don't regret asking, for he delivers.

Eun-Kyung1992 ~ Hyun Eun-Kyung: The Shiny Prince(?)

Ever smiling like the radiant sun, with an aura of good will. This prince is guaranteed to make you smile and laugh. A prince where music is a comfort. But customers beware, for this prince also has a flair that'll make you the other side.

Sailor Uranus Haruka ~ Chung-Hee Gae: The Righteous Dog

He’s a dependably, hard working guy. He comes off a little difficult, but is very loyal to the loyal customers, no matter who there request to see. He tends to lean to the people who need to be comforted. He’s also one to take it a step beyond, helping clients who are in trouble beyond what they bring to the café. Prone to help angry ex’s cool off.


~ Follow Gaia's ToS
~ Please, do not abuse our princes. They are more than pretty faces. wink
~ If you must swear, do so sparingly and **** it.
~ Enjoy!

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