O ~ Story Plot ~ O

Its been two years since the Lyoko Warriors graduated from Kadic High, X.A.N.A has been shut down and hidden away for no one to find, or at least thats what they thought when they left. Wrong. Leighton Ross, 16 year old computer genius was looking around her new school when she found a path to the abandoned factory and decided to investigate. Accidentally re-starting the super-computer and setting X.A.N.A free and finding A.N.G.E.L, a program created from the remainders of Aelita , making her somewhat human. X.A.N.A is now free and Leighton must fight a new team of Lyoko Warriors to stop the attacks in the human world, save A.N.G.E.L and shut X.A.N.A down.. for good.

O ~ Main Characters ~ O

Good Guys:

Leighton Ross :

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Leanne 'Lina' Wright:

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Rayna 'Ray' Johnson:

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Miles Deannen :

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Kein Holmes :
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O ~ Bad Guys ~ O

Hayley Evan :

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Damien Jameson:

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James Way:

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O ~ A.N.G.E.L ~ O

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O ~ Rules ~ O

1. Cussing is allowed but please in the name of fuken god, dont over fuken do it. <-- Like that. Seriously. Im..Watching..You. ninja

2. You're not better than anyone so get hit and die a little, to make it more entertaining.

3. Romance allowed and Sexy times allowed but dont describe it, we already know what happens.

4. Dont kill someone before asking.

5. Im am going to only be announcing the plot and playing a supportive character or two but not the main, audition is sent to me for any main character you want to play.

6. You can only have one main character per person though normal students, you can have as many as you want.

7. Have fun and love me ;D