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Welcome To Sakura Village!
This guild is a roleplaying community/Hang out community based in one fantasy village.
This guild is not a free porn/sex site. Any behavior that violates ToS will not, under any circumstances, be tolerated, and the offending member will be immediately banned.
The purpose of this guild is to give people with similar interests a place to come, hang out, meet each other, Roleplay and just have fun. Although we cannot control what you do in your own spare time, please keep any explicit content out of our guild. Anyone in violation of this will be immediately banned.

This Community can have any roleplays.. Although we ask for no pure sex forums.. As we state in the rules TAKE IT TO THE PMS..
Also most of the rps in this guild will be Romance based..
Some examples of roleplays in this Guild:
Slave And Masters,
One On One,

Each roleplay type will have its own subforum. Special roleplays that need a subforum to its self can be made, just ask SAMURAIKEL. Thanks.

1) No Cyber in forums take it to the PMS
2) Dont spam..
3) follow gaia tos.
4) swearing is ok but not every other word.
Each Rp Might Have Different Rules.

Joining Requirements
Tell us how you found out about our guild.
Give us a reason why you wish to join.
Give us an RP sample to prove you literate rp.

Right because the guild has already got too much gold as it is, please anyone wishing to donate to the guild please donate to SAMURAIKEL this will be used to buy stuff for the compitions ^_^ Thanks you <3