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Long after the fall of The Organization at the hands of rebellious Claymores, Yomas continued to plague the land and those that overthrew The Organization didn't do anything to stop what was left. But little did they know, The Organization was able to retrieve a creature who's tissue created Yoma, and bring it from overseas to the land. The Organization reformed as more Yoma were created, with that a new generation of Claymores were made.

Soon after the creature that is referred to a dragon was able to corrupt the minds of the new generation and some of the previous generation and was able to free itself. It fled with corrupted Claymores, Awakened Beings, and Yoma, flooding the land with them, causing chaos everywhere. As a response, The Organization made itself known and quickly made another generation to combat this new threat, but in doing so, the new generation is far different from the rest. The frequency of which Claymores have colored featured has increased, but they decided that allowing them to have more personality and their own look, would allow them to control the Claymores more efficiently rather than them building a rebellious nature from the past.