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      After the Great War ended, the remaining people who sought all that is good and righteous in the world decided to salvage what is left of their annihilated hometown and move away to create a new city. One where they hoped to forget about the war and start anew. Of course, forgetting something so devastating wasn't so easy so instead, the city's founders built a magic academy in hopes of fending off evil as well as guarding the ancient, powerful Tengoku, the thing that started this entire mess. The Tengoku is basically a dodecahedron-shaped stone that wields unspeakable power and energy. The Tengoku is the source of all evil as well as good; however, it cannot be destroyed. So instead, Amaterasu hides it and guards it from the hands of evil.
      Fuzen, is the city that was built after the Great War from the remaining people who still sought the Tengoku as well as vengeance. They're located on a remote island where no one dares to bother them. This evil city's goal is to "take back what's theirs" and destroy Amaterasu as well as control the world. Fuzen is admittedly poor and low in resources since they don't trade with any other nation. However, they have an advanced research laboratory which is where they create their repulsive Youkais which they on occasion send over to the city to wreck havoc.
      Amaterasu Magic Academy is meant to teach, train and help students with their powers and magic. From alchemy to white magic to sword fighting to missions, this academy is prepared for practically anything. The teachers are well-trained and many of the teachers have attended the Academy themselves.
      This is a world of fun, adventure and magic. If you wish to know more, continue scrolling.

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      Rather simple rules. Please follow them, I think they're common sense. Each person gets two warnings. After both have run out, you will be kicked and banned. Rules are subjected to change.
      • Follow Gaia's ToS
      • Be kind and respectful to others
      • Timeskip or PM for sex scenes
      • No flaming/trolling/harassment
      • No spamming
      • Post in proper subforums
      • No Godmodding in roleplays
      • Be active and have fun!
      • Captains and Vices have the final word on anything and everything
      • PM Captain or Vices if a member is not following these rules
      • More rules and stuff here

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      On the request form please state whether you have read the rules and completely understand and comply by them. Then please explain how you came across this guild and why you would like the join. On a scale of one (1) to ten (10) please rate how literate you believe you are. Any blank request forms will result in immediate rejection.