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Welcome to the Omniverse
The Omniverse is the perfect Creation of our supreme power Chaos
For Those of you that need an Explanation of what the Omniverse is allow me to break it down for you

The Universe : the known area of space in our present time.
The Multiverse : a group of universes running side by side.
The Omniverse : the whole of time and space, to include the complete Multiverse, the void between each universe, the realms and pockets separate of the Multiverse, The very flow of Time itself.

As a Member of Chaos Creation, you are given the power to mold the Omniverse to your designs. Create mighty worlds, as tiny as a village, as grand as a galaxy. The inhabitants, let your imagination run away with you, as you bring into existence new creatures never before seen or imagined

Please keep in mind for Character Creation that Godmodding and Twinking in a fight will not be tolerated.
GodMod : To behave as if indestructible, invincible and invulnerable *Even Gods can be harmed and eventually destroyed*
Twink : To create new power or amplified abilities on a whim to maintain the upperhand in a fight

Chaos Creation is the home of many great worlds that work by their own rules separate from the physics of the worlds around them, cut off from all contact with other worlds
Periodically this Section will be updated to spotlight new worlds and worlds with an presently active and rich history.
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The Following is important Threads and subforums for our Guild

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.:Arguably the most Valuable Resource in the guild; This gives you a brief introduction of each specialized world.
Out Of Character Board
~ Official Welcome Thread: Introduce yourself to the guild
~ Member Sign In:Simple Thread Post here each day when you come in So we can Keep Track of who is active better.
~ Questions and Concerns: If you are confused about something or worried about something. Please post it here we will answer the best that we can.
~Guild Banners: Signature Banners for the Guild and Individual Games on the Guild.
Character Bio Board: Post a Player Thread to keep each of your Character Bios on in separate posts.
Critique Board: Choose a Post, Player, Character, Story arc, or World; Share your Opinions on in.
Gaia Game Board: Thread/Word Games, Contest Threads, or Flash Game Requests.

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All Gold Donations made to the Guild must be sent to the Guild Mule Account via Trade
This Guild intends to run contests in addition to expanding it's RPG resources Over Time.. Gold given directly to the Guild cannot be given back to a user, essentially once it is spent on a forum or Guild Announcement, it is removed from the server. The Mule allows us to allocate funds much more efficiently.

*Click the Donation Banner to find a Thread maintaining Member Donation records