Welcome to Caviar Suite Boarding School!
A school for all those who show a potential in magic or advanced education studies.
Caviar offers classes stretching from math to necromancy, with many teams and clubs to choose from. We hope that you will consider joining our school.
Let the learning and fun begin!

Captain: Zevraii Targarus
Vice Captain: Hollow Blackheart
Vice Captain: Chai Chii
Vice Captain: Himelia

1.Respect the other roleplayers.
2.NO GODMODDING. Violence is allowed, by all means students can fight, but godmodding or killing of another character without their permission will not be tolerated.
3. Romance must be kept to a PG13 rating, if you want to smut then take it to pms or off gaia.
4. Follow the Gaia TOS
5. No L337 speak, this is a semi-literate roleplay.
6. Out of Conversation parts on your post are to be inside brackets. (( )) [[ ]] {{ }} || || //
10.When you are filling out your form(see below) to join and you come down to the part that says did you read all the rules make that it says the codeword: anewgeneration
11. Please, before you RP, read the rules, fill out your profile in the introduction sticky, and read any other important sticky/announcement.
12. If a sub-forum says [RP] then you must be in character within that certain subforum!

Fill out the following form and send it in your request to join. If you don't fill this out we won't accept you!

Will you roleplay frequently?:
Did you read all the rules?: