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Hundreds upon thousands of years ago, the mystical land of Cascadia was nothing but a wasteland, spoiled by the gods as man's punishment.

The gods and goddess gave the people new creatures; among them the most recent- a goddess chosen to keep the shattering world intact.


She fights to keep the lands falling to pieces intact with one another. The other countries and kingdoms feud as the shattering world begins to collapse from under them.

The world tomorrow... what will it hold? Are the people of Cascadia doomed forever?

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We are currently open. We are recruting. We are currently accepting applications.

Cascadia is a place to let your imagination run as you please. A place to conjur your deepest emotions and feelings into a reality of text and description. A place to share in a paradise of people being other people. A calling to release that temptation of imagination to let loose.

We have created this place as a homestead for everyone. We do not discriminate but welcome all types of cultures so as to foster the interaction of all types of people. We encourage you to let your imagaination to run wild.

*We ask for at least a paragraph of a well-developed roleplaying sample, with sufficient evidence so that we know that you're able to roleplay in a mature and literate manner. The roleplaying sample can be ANYTHING, any type of sample post that one of the characters you play may end up making. If you have any questions, do not hesistate to PM Liymi.

Let your imaginations run wild in a world where anything is possible...
-Middy and the crew.

- Please Note:: We also do not accept members who put nothing in their request to join or do nothing but beg.!

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