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It's the year 2300 and the days of Ichigo Kurosaki and The original Gotei 13 have long since passed. Over the years, Karakura and the Seireitei have grown exponentially but with that, so have their enemies. Around the year 2250, a new hollow was discovered but they were quite weak numbers at that. The Alma Del VacĂ­o, a parasitic hollow with the ability to create strange bugs. These bugs, which have the appearance of grotesquely huge mosquito, go and find the nearest living matter possible. From that point, these bugs sting the living matter, and completely override it, essentially making a " Zombie ".
These Zombies have the ability to infect other living beings when they can get their bodily fluids to get inside of another person. Of course, these hollow could not be allowed to prosper and with an order from Central 46, they were to be eradicated immediately. Over the course of 50 years, they were believed to be wiped out, though that wasn't the case. Recently, the symptoms have appeared in the Soul Society and it has caused nothing but chaos since then. Who can you trust at this point?

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