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WELCOME to the Band Nerd Guild. This guild is for those who are in a marching band, symphonic band, orchestra band, guard team, dance team, ensemble, or learning on their own. It's also for people who just love music and band (you don't have to play an instrument to join).

This guild offers conversation about instruments, a band nerd role play (for all you role play freaks), helpful tips for keeping your instruments clean, a guild avatar contest, conversations on music to marching to playing techinques, threads to find other band nerds that live around you, fun games (like band tag, person above you, I've never, etc), band jokes, and other fun band/music stuff.

Updates and Other Important Infomation:
Congratulations everyone, we are a featured guild! With this honor comes five thousand new members, so I take the chance to say read our rules, we are a very a**l group of people who dislike chaos and disorder! With this large amount of activity we are also looking for some new mods to join the BNG team, so keep your eyes open.

TO ALL NEW MEMBERS OF GAIA OR TO THE GAIA GUILD NETWORK. If you have applied to the guild, and have not yet received a PM, then wait. Guild requests have to be manually checked by a guild moderator, and we're not on all the time- we have things outside of Gaia to attend to. So wait, be patient, and don't PM me. If you don't get a response to your request in three days, then PM me.

Application to Join
This isn't REQUIRED, but recommended you fill this out if you really want to join. Also you do not have to play an instrument to join.
What instrument(s) do you play?
How long have you been playing?
Additional Info:

Additional Information
To apply to join, click blue "join guild" button in the corner of the page. DO NOT PM a mod your request, DO NOT leave the form blank, you will be denied, try to write something like " I love band ", leaving it blank is just dumb. The application survey isn't required, but some sort of verification that you would like to join the guild is.