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A few of you might know that Gaia is getting rid of the original Gaia Towns and transferring over to the newly redesigned Towns 2. That mean's no more cosplay towns, no more Homestuck towns, Pokemon towns, Black Butler towns etc etc.

The guild B8 1023 Cosplay Towns was created as a precaution for the sole purpose of finding a new cosplay towns since Towns 1 is shutting down. We need to find a new hangout to meet other cosplayers. We're trying to gather as many members from our little cosplay community into this guild.

■ ■ What this guild has to offer is up-to-date news and information on what features Gaia Towns 2 has in store for us. All the information comes directly from the developers working on this new installment. This includes why Towns 1 is shutting down, brand new housing features that revolutionize how you create your home, the new social mini-games that are being implemented, etc.

I know most of you are not thrilled of being forced out of Towns 1 and into Towns 2 but keep in mind that Towns 2 is still in development. That means, the only reason why it's so bad is to help figure out the flaws. When it's fully released, most of the annoying tendencies of Towns 2 should be fixed and updated throughout the following year.

I'm not going to force you to move or to comply with what I want or what others want. I made this guild for the Cosplay community to choose what they want to be the new B8 1023. You do not need to be vigorously active. All you have to do is join and spread the word.

- Shout outs to Jogress for helping gather information.
- If your reason to join is the same as the rest of us (which it probably is), you don't need a reason to join. Just JOIN.