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~As You Wish~

This guild is devoted entirely to the one role play, a semme, uke, and seke rp, otherwise known as master & servant, owner & pet, or dominant & submissive, with the addition of a supernatural aspect tot he setting.

We follow the TOS here, so if you don`t, please do not apply to join. Everything is pg-16, anything else, take it to pm`s. This guild is meant to be very open minded, and is not meant to be discriminatory or degrading in any way whatsoever. We welcome pretty much all types of role players, from beginners to veterans, just keep it at least semi-literate please, and kindly refrain from god-modding.

To join, there is no entry fee. Click the "join guild" button only if you plan on being active enough to post at least a few time a week, preferably a few times a day. Please include the reason you are joining, and who referred you, if anyone at all. A sample of your role playing style is also required, though it doesn`t have to be a long one, you may simply use a link to another rp you participated in. If you have been invited to join this guild by a current member, no samples are required.