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The Ouran Private Academy is defined by:

ne - prestigious families
wo - wealth

xxxxxxx Prosperous people that have much time on their hands. Therefore, this Ouran Host Club is about these handsome guys that have time giving hospitality to these lovely ladies, who also have time and profit off them. It's an elegant game unique to this super-rich school.


We would like to mention that we are a real host club, not a fan guild.


ules :

Please follow the ToS we don't want to report you.
No cybering
Please be semi-literate
Keep it PG 13
Please post regularly okay we don't want members who are not going to do nothing and to add to this rule you must at least post 5 things per month.
Please tell us when you are gone for long periods of time because we don't want to accidentally kick you out.
Please no kissing the hosts, hugs are okay, and please don't complain or be touchy because if you do it 3 times you are out/banned.
More rules will be added if needed.

ʝoin equest :

To join the guild, you must answer the following questions provided:

How did you find the guild?
Who's your favorite Host?
Also, please say you read the rules, if not, you won't be accepted.

ʂpecial ɳotes

We have a mule so that any of you, if you wish to, can donate to us. We will use the money we receive for cosplays and special events. Thus, please do send your donations to the account "Another Rose".

Ϣe the members of the Ouran Host Club, have come to Gaia to please you. We are here to serve you in every way possible. You may come and designate one, or all of us, to be your host for the time you are here. Come in an escape the craziness of everyday life! Join us and be treated like the princesses you are.

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