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Anyone can give advice, and everyone needs it, from time to time.

Whether it's a small problem, a big problem or a major issue, you can post it here, and get advice knowing that we're here to help you and not to judge you.
We also offer casual chat, and a rantbox to get those frustrations out.

No matter who you are, whether you think you can give some good advice, or you need some good advice, you can send in a join request at any time, and become a part of this guild. Please write a little something about yourself in the join request, so we know how we can help you.
Once a member, you will not be deleted for inactivity.

Our subforums are devoted to subjects that are posted often in the Life's Issues forum, with new ones being added as needed. (We're always open for suggestions for new ones as well):

[ Body and Self Image ]

(For help with: eating disorders, skin problems, fitness and more!)
[ School ]

(Trouble with your homework? Teachers giving you ****?)
[ Sex and Relationships ]

(For help with: boy/girl problems, dating, sex and pregnancy.)
[ Family issues ]

(Family problems?)

[ Health and Nutrition]

(We aren't qualified doctors, but we can give you advice about common problems and disorders.)
[ Friendships ]

(Hey- sometimes they can be hurtful, annoying, or even suddenly not there D: )

[ Spirituality and Religion ]

(What keeps you going? Or have you lost faith?)

[ Rantbox ]

(Post all the angry messages you want, here. Rawr.

[ Miscellaneous ]
Scratched their antique table and need to cover it up?
[ Staffroom]
(Crew converse about smiting things here C: )
[ Suggestions for the guild? ]

(Because we need advice from time to time too.)


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