Welcome to the world of Strangereal! Now I'm sure you are all aware of the many heroes sung in our world's history; Galm 1, Mobius 1, the Demons of Razgriz....the list goes on and on. But on the other side, there is a world of shadow and secrets...men and women who are never sung in the war-tales, whose heroism is kept to themselves, among their comrades who share the same fate. Here in the Legion Contracting Corporation, or LCC, you are among friends, but you are cursed to a life without fame or recognition for your actions. We are an elite force, but the world must never know us.

To be accepted, you MUST fill out the below application. Use proper grammar and complete sentences where appropriate, please.

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This is a guild based on modern technology, with a few allowances here and there, to be determined by the Captain. No unauthorized tech. Failure to comply to this may result in expulsion from the guild.

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The Legion is not controlled by a single ideal or political agenda. We are loyal to no government, just our next paycheck. We fight as one, and defend only other Legion members and civilians without payment. We are not your personal army. If you fail to pay us, or wrong us, we will abandon you, or worse, turn against you. We are Legion. We are Many.