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It's just another boring, ordinary day when your letter arrives.

Maybe you're a human living in a magick village when an owl drops it in front of you.

Maybe you're one of those urban elves, checking your apartment's mailbox.

Maybe you're a forest elf, climbing up the branches of the tallest tree to retrieve yours.

Maybe you're a dwarf, coming home from your final day of apprenticeship, to find the letter waiting for you on a table.

Or maybe you're from a mundane family, those who don't have a drop of magic in your veins, wondering. Wondering about the curious Academy of Merlin. Wondering why it's called such a great school, when it's not on any top school list anywhere.

Maybe that's when you you find your letter. Here's what you'd read:

Dear ________,

Don't worry about anyone looking over your shoulder. Only those with magic in their veins can read the true contents. Mundanes (nonmagic folk) will only see an ordinary letter to one's lover. You have been accepted to the Academy of Merlin. We are a prestigious school famous for protecting the sacred oak tree in which Merlin was trapped by Vivienne, his treacherous apprentice. You will find enclosed a list of school supplies and directions to the school itself. We hope to see you at the start of the new semester!

In the case that you are from a mundane household, we will send another letter shortly after this one, saying you have won a scholarship to a highly prestigious academy, shortly for you to show to your parents.

-- Headmaster Louis Soulstone

Inside you find a packet labeled 'The Academy of Merlin Handbook. In it you find rules, an FAQ, and registration forms.

You feel a smile creep onto your face. You are a student of the Academy of Merlin, and you are going to the best school in the world.

The Parchment
Another elf was found dead today, and authorities quickly established it was the work of the infamous Elfslayer, a serial killer that has been quite busy over the last few months. The Elfslayer has already taken over a dozen lives, and this reporter is sure there are more that the authorities refuse to give details on.

"This Elfslayer is difficult to find, because they don't leave behind any evidence at the crime scene," said Luke Nethercrest, head investigator, known for heading the Blood Pact investigation a couple years ago. "Elves are advised to hide their ears and travel in groups for safety until further notice.

A curfew has been established for elves, though there has been discussion of extending it to half-elves as well.

Nethercrest has assured that the Elfslayer crimes will not affect the Academy of Merlin, but with the Academy's history, one can only wonder...

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