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Hello, and welcome to A Random Poll Guild, or RPG as we like to call it. Let me tell you a bit about our guild. Having been around for over a year now, we are a well established guild. We have a very close knit community which you will easily become a part of if you are active. We have several subforums for people of all kinds of interests including;

Main Forum - A great place for just chating and hanging out. This is where we spend most of our time in the guild.
Crew Chat - This is a crew only subforum where the crew discuss going ons in the guild, arrange guild events, come up with new rules, etc.
Role Playing Forum - For all your role playing needs. We have several active role plays just waiting for you to join them.
Event Forum - This is for the guild events we hold at Christmas, our Gaiaversary, etc, and will only be open when those events are being held.
Spamness - For those of you who love to spam and want polls, polls, and more polls this is just the thing.
Recycling Bin - A crew only subforum where the crew pust any importaint threads that they may need in the future.
Creative Stuff - For art, songs, stories, poetry, etc. A great place to get feedback on your work.

1.All Threads must have Polls
2.No flaming
3.No Sexism/Racism/Hate of any kind to anyone.
4.Please respect the mods and Admins.
5.Do not get upset if you make a thread, and no one replies. This is a poll guild, most people who join, are just pollwhores, who don't care about the threads. It happens.
6.Do not post in any of the Announcements, unless you are a crew member, or the thread name says you can post.
7.Obey the Terms of Services
8.Do not beg for gold, items or votes in contests.
9. Following rule number 5, do not make multiple threads of the same nature. If you expect a response, check on the threads.
10.Be literate as possible, or we will get annoyed.
11.No spamming in the main forum. Spam is single emote posts, gibberish (except if you're having a gibberish posting game) or a picture with no explanation of why you posted it and nothing to discuss.
12. No advertising for other guilds is allowed.

Please send all donations to our guild mule.