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Sing to me, O Muse!

Welcome to our quaint little role playing community. The Muses are the great matriarchs of inspiration to man throughout time. May they smile upon our minds as our fingers flash over the keyboards, weaving epic tales of fantasy, love, adventure, angst. The battles between good and evil, however grey they may become, start with the single punch of a single key. So bring all your talent and inspiration to A Muse's Smile, show us what kinds of epic tales we can all weave together in the beautiful twisting dance of online rp. Create the characters, create their pasts, presents, and scult their futures. Welcome, and listen carefully for the soft singing and whispered words of our heavenly matriarchs. Please submit a short explination of why you would like to join. We always check our join requests.

Semi-Lit We understand that there are some people who are good at coming up with stories, but may not be the best at spelling and grammer. We do require your best attempt, and you must elaborate on your posts. Don't have much to say? Include something about your enviroment, emotions, clothing, inner thoughts. One-liners will not be tolerated. You also have the "EDIT" button for a reason. Don't be afraid to use it.
Mods are Gods Yup. Obey, or be gone!
Follow Gaia TOS Romance is highly encouraged, but please try to keep it to light making out, innuendos, and maybe goosing. We don't want to get our guild deleted, so be careful of what you post. Violence can be as explisite and graphic as you'd like.
Follow the thread rules If the GM has posted rules in their thread, follow them. Keep OOC in brackets and be respectful to others.
We are new and still developing. So come on and help us create a new roleplaying guild to be proud of! We'd love to have banners, stories, artwork, and much more eventually, so we welcome all sorts of inspired writers and artists to our midst.