The Deck was an organization created on an island in the middle of the ocean in hopes of one day being able to destroy the government that dictated the mainland and the surrounding islands.

But they were exposed; the president of the land, called Estan, destroyed all that was on the island.
But he forgot to account for what might be underneath it...

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A single girl survived, hidden in the underground of the island. She was the daughter of the man who had been the leader of the small organization. When rebels from the mainland came to see if there was anything left, she was all they found, but she had something they did not: information.

You would think that when a child is orphaned at birth, they would be put into the adoption system. Yet this was not the case for 54 children.
Taken from the hospitals, birth certificates replaced with files of still births. The children were raised in a hospital on the island until they were five years old, never told what the medicine they were being given was for, nor being informed of what was in the food they ate, though they learned later on the medicine gave them powers. When the children turned five, the training and discovering of powers began. When they turned ten, they were given a card. These cards identified their rank, the highest of them being the Joker, and her officials the King, Queen, Ace, and Jack.

The rebels began to shuffle a new deck of cards, using the little girl's knowledge to replicate and perfect the process of creating cards. Many years later, she now stands as the position of Joker, ready to destroy the man who turned her father into ashes.

But how will she do it?
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