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Welcome, our guild is not all about freebies, golds or giveaways it's an international community were other gaians from different countries can make friendship in our guild. The purpose of our guild is to make friendship and to help those gaians who really needs help on their gaia quest and problems.

ಥ__ಥ Free Gold Free Everything°__°
It doesn't mean that once you join in this guild you can get the free gold/items right away. You can freely join to some contest in our guild and you can also get some free golds and free items on some freebies thread on our forum.

You can easily join us by just click the "Join Guild" button.
We automatically accepts join request here.

Thank You For Joining Wish You Love IT here!
Im really happy U guys Join And Love My GUILD(OUR)
2.Please Do not spam!
3.No Badwords!
4.No Abnormal!
5.No Hacker!
6.No Faker!