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567th Rally Rules
1. Please follow Gaia's TOS ( Terms Of Service )
2. No flaming, meaning please do not trash-talk with any members here and don't use any inflammatory/abusive language towards other members.
3. Keep the bad words to a minimum, You are allowed to say them but please don't cause up a storm of bad words or use them excessively.
4. If you are a crew or vice-captain in the guild then please do not promote or ban anybody without my permission, if I find out that you do something like this then it's an automatic ban. Don't abuse your authority privileges!
5. Don't cheat in any of the contests, if you receive 2 warnings for cheating then you're automatically banned.
6. Be active please. If you won't be active why are you here anyways. So please, we wanna know if you are with us, so you won't get left behind.
7. There is no cyber bullying! We are all family. If i hear or see a post about relating to bullying you are totally screwed and banned.

If we all follow the rules correctly we can be able to be civilized and improve our skills. Like i said before, we have each other backs and i promise you one thing... We will rise because we are future. With all of the motivation and the determination we will rise, so please hang on with us! AS ONE

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