Greetings and welcome all to 2085's 41st annual Hunger Games competition!

We here at the Capitol are proud to open our doors to this years tributes as they prepare and train for the games, upholding the name of their 12 districts and our beloved Panem! We welcome the tributes as part of this time honored tradition, for without Panem, we would not be enjoying the beautiful peace and unity amongst it's people that we have today.
It was not 41 years ago that the Dark Days had been upon us, but before that, times were even worse, threatening our existence today.
There was a time before Panem, where this land was once called “North America.” There is not much that we know about this America today, but it had been before the Dark Days that things had started falling apart. In the year 2021, all had seemed promising for our race, until the first of the disasters started taking over. Storms ravaged everywhere, mass droughts spread through the whole country. We've found remnants of what use to be above water, submerged from the seas moving inwards. The people could have survived just as we have to this day if they had not become divided within themselves. The survivors soon began to fight over what was left of their destroyed land, coming to a terrible war that would have ruined them all, were it not for our Panem rising from the ashes and unifying what was left of the people under the Capitol. Amongst 13 districts, these districts would ensure that everyone was being treated fairly, and evenly, that everyone had a place and knew where they belonged, and up until 2042, all seemed like it was settled, but the people weren't done struggling. It was after that the Dark Days were upon us, threatening the utopia that was Panem. The districts were fighting, rebelling against the Capitol that we all know and love. It was to the Capitol's dismay that rash action had to be taken when District 13 seemed to be the greatest threat to Panem, and so it was before the district could ruin what the Capitol had worked so hard on to better its people, that district 13 was destroyed, and with that, peace was brought back to the Capitol with the establishment of The Treaty of Treason.
Under this treaty, it was stated that in punishment for the uprising of the districts during the time of the Dark Days, that each district must provide one girl, and one boy from the ages of 12-18 as tributes to participate in what was to be called the Hunger Games.
Once a year, the tributes from each district are selected randomly amongst those who are eligible, where they are brought to the Capitol to train and prepare to be placed in the Arena. Under their mentors, winners from their own districts of previous games, their design teams, and their escorts, they are prepared for the Hunger Games, a beacon of peace and unity for Panem. These twenty four tributes fight each other within the selected arena until there is only one victor. This victor brings home honor and glory to their district, ensuring another year of prosperity for our beloved Panem.

So, without further ado, please join us for our 41st annual Hunger Games competition and

May the odds
be ever in your

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Here we have 14 basic rules to follow, our own TOS if you will.

1.) Your character cannot be invincible.
2.) No godmoding.
3.) Be Active!
4.) Be Literate! Longer the post, the better!
5.) Your character cannot be in more than one place at once.
6.) No reusing Face Claims
7.) You cannot have any Cannons
8.) You may have up to three Tributes (For now)
9.) You cannot jump around in the arena
10.) Be a good sport.
11.) Be realistic.
12.) Third person writing only
13.) I need to be able to contact you Via PM
14.) The Roleplay is rated PG-13 and R for language and violence and nothing more.

These rules are further explained here.

You are not required to do research, but you are required to know about the districts, which I've gone through the official wiki page to bring you District Descriptions, to help you develop your tribute, victor, or mentor. Reading all of this is not required, it's just to help you if you need it.

If you would like, We might have group chat days in the guild's Gaia Chatroom

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To join please answer these in your request:

Why would you like to join?
How many roleplay guilds are you in?
Can you give me a roleplay sample?
Finish this sentence:
"May the odds be ever..."

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