Welcome to the 365 Days of Writing Guild! It was founded based on the 365 Day Writing Challenge, which began as a list of prompts long enough for you to do one a day - for an entire year. There are also mini-challenges and general writing prompts, as well as places to share techniques, discuss writing-related topics, help each other bust writer's block, and share and give feedback on writing. The rules are simple - make a blog or a thread with your writing for each challenge, and keep track of your progress through the prompts list. ALL Gaians who complete the 365 Day Writing Challenge itself successfully will receive 50,000g - this is not a reward for the winner of a contest, or a prize for being first to do it, it is just a sort of "congrats, you did it!" gift for everyone who finishes. Mini-challenges and prompt-based contests will each have their own prizes. There is no entry fee, and the requirements for being a candidate for a member of the guild are very simple. They are

1. A passion or enjoyment for the art of writing
2. A commitment to showing respect to all and any members of the group, even if you don't like their writing or think they have broken the rules (if someone DOES break the rules, report it to me or another moderator, do NOT take the law into your own hands.)
3. The ability to give good feedback to other members.
4. A spellchecker (I'm sorry, but if you use too much "txt-tlk" out of context and it becomes hard to understand you, you will be asked to leave the guild)
5. Good ideas and the drive to express them
6. Follow the Gaia Terms of Service no matter what (if you have writing that is explicit, post a link to it on another website with a warning about what the writing contains - for example, "*link here* is a story that I wrote that contains drug and alcohol use and sexual references" - some good websites to link to are LiveJournal, DeviantART, and Blogspot.)

Grounds for removal from the group
-Failure to abide by guild rules
-Lying about your accomplishment of the challenge
-Failure to follow the Gaia ToS
-Inappropriate conduct
-Spamming - it wastes everyone's time, including yours.
-Scams - this includes if you say you'll give a reward on a contest and then don't deliver. If you can't follow through, don't start it.
-Soliciting people to do your homework for you. This is plagiarism as well, and it's just dishonest. In addition to which, it rarely works.

Thank you, and happy writing!

UPDATE: Thanks to all of the support this club has gotten from Gaia, the guild is working out beautifully. We now have 7 subforums, and possibly an 8th coming soon for Veteran Journals (completed challenges). The subforums are:

-MINI-CHALLENGES: Smaller challenges and contests with and without prizes that you can do for extra practice if you like.
-GUIDES AND HELP: Writers' resources and writer's block busting. Also where you can ask for technical help and guidance if needed.
-PROMOTIONS: Link to outside blogs and websites here.
-GENERAL DISCUSSION: Discussion of literature not related to the main challenge or a mini-challenge. Talk about your favorite authors, your favorite books, careers in writing, anything about writing.
-MEMBER JOURNALS: Where the challenger threads go (writing for the 365 Day Challenge and larger mini-challenges).
-WORK-IN-PROGRESS: Ideas, character profiles, setting concepts, fragments that aren't completed works yet, collaboration requests, and story plots that you don't know what to do with can all go here.
-OTHER WRITINGS: POST AND FEEDBACK is where you post writing unrelated to the challenges and can get feedback from other members.

UPDATE 11 April 2012: The challenge has changed slightly. You no longer have to do all of the prompts in order, just so long as you use all of the prompts at least once in the year. You will still be given the year to do the challenge, and it IS recommended that you follow the list, but it is not required. You will still get the prize, even if you don't follow the order.