20th Century geeks welcomes you!

This guild is for anyone who loves decidedly geeky shows, games, comics, films, books, figures etc. that were produced in the 20th century. (IE prior to the year 2000)

We won't do much discussion of anything that's coming out now (though some is completely fine and encouraged). So if you're looking to share the newest greatest things this isn't the guild for you. Our main focus is going to be for lovers of entertainment that's at least a decade old.

So if you've ever tried to start a thread in the AMC about Revolutionary Girl Utena or Slayers or Gundam Wing only to have it pushed back to page 10 within in moments with threads about Naruto, FMA and whatever else people are downloading these days, this is the place for you.

If you've ever struggled to explain to people why you think A Link to the Past, is a far superior Zelda game than Twilight Princess or how Doom is far better FPS than Halo, this is the guild for you.

If you've ever tried to explain what a fantastic manga Rose of Versailles an got blank looks in return, or have had people think you're insane when you say that digital coloring ruined the art of comics, this is the guild for you.

If you've already tried to explain why Star Wars was so much better without the CG additions and still have the old "untainted" VHSs or how the old Doctor Who series is far better than the current BBC run, this is the guild for you.

If any of the above sounds like you please join us we'd love to see new faces join our discussions.

-Guild Rules-

1. Follow Gaia's TOS, if it's not allowed on the main site, it won't be allowed in here.

2. Be respectful, No one minds disagreements and arguing, but try to keep name calling out of it.

3.This should go without saying (as it's part of the TOS), but we do not support the illegal distribution of any copyrighted work. If you enjoy something, buy it. Support the artist so they can continue bringing out things you enjoy.

4. Try to stay on topic. We fully expect and encourage some discussions of new things, but if you're only going to respond to every thread with "OMG Naruto is SOOOO much better than this crap" or something similar you will be banned immediately with no warning. (Saying, I personally think Naruto came through as a better example shonen manga than Dragon ball is acceptable)

5. Enjoy yourself! We're looking forward to having lots of interesting conversations and we'd love to have you contribute!

As soon as we have enough members we will be running contests! So if you've got a lot of vintage knowledge and want to make some easy gold be sure to check it out!