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Who are we?
We were a steady, growing, and active guild, reaching recognition in our "Poll Making Contest", which began in 2005. As the gaian currency system has changed, and there is no longer a flat gold generation from the creation of a topic/poll, the views of our guild have shifted, although our goal is the same: to promote a community environment of respect and friendliness.

While we no longer host our Poll Making Contest for reasons stated above, we tried to run monthly contests and events that encourage and bring out the hidden talents of our members and to help us get to know one another. We have kept our historic Pollmaking subforum intact, so that others may see exactly where this guild started out- in the polls!
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Would you fit in as a member of our guild?
Chances are, yes! With a variety of subforums, and a frequently updated main forum, we can assure you that you will find something that will peak your interest. Want to promote your quest, or find worthy donatees? Check out the charity subforum! Or perhaps you are a devoted gaian bumper from 2003. The spambox will be perfect for you.

We ask only that you do not leave our application form blank upon joining the guild! If someone has referred you to the guild, please let us know in the application, and we will be sure to send thanks to your friend!

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Please visit our guild mule for more information on the guild, as well as information on donations! Existing members we encourage you to visit the profile, leave comments, and even send friend requests!
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