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Our ambition at = [ 2 6 1 ] = is nothing short of an investing our best efforts into creating the model for the next generation's clans, hangouts, and guilds. So with constant modifications, sleek designs, and simple concepts, we wish to create the ultimate organization.

Born in 2012, we are taking amazingly experienced Gaians and integrating them into different communities across Gaia. From the old zOMG! clans to Gaia Military RP, we are taking the best Out of Character (OOC) experiences and IC (RP) experiences and combining them for one kick-a** cause.

If you would like to join, please send a join request. This guild will be private, but our thread is public and is located here in the Friend's Chat subforum.

Note Our guild account balance reflects a rare glitch in guilds. Please do not donate to the account. We have enough subforums as it is & are not pursuing any guild expenditures. To all mods and devs, please send either Luke_of_Chaos0911 or Kvothe Aero a message regarding this if there are any issues. If the account issue is correctable without corrupting the guild's threads, please help correct this issue. Thanks.