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About the World: Monsters

The world of Gaia has had some big events happening over the last few years. Visitations from alien races, vampire incursions, zombie attacks, cow-snatchings...it's been a wild ride. Some of those events have changed the world in ways completely unexpected and strange new things have been sighted across the world recently.

Many of those things are the newly Animated. Objects that once were lifeless and inert...like boat anchors, lanterns, and machines...are somehow becoming infused with lifeforces of their own and changing enough to become ambulatory...and usually aggressive. Why? No one knows...yet. But many are trying to find out.

Not all of the "things out there" are Animated however. Some of them seem to be natural, but strange. Where those things are coming from, and why they're appearing at around the same time as the Animated, are still questions waiting for answers.



It doesn't seem to matter how often you harvest these cute little critters for their cotton fluff, they just seem to appear again from nowhere, like dust bunnies under a bed.



This "stinking rose" has a tendency to belch excessively on anything that startles or annoys it.



Combining an alarm clock with a mosquito left the world with a critter that possesses the two most annoying sounds in the universe. The Alarmskeeter uses its highly irritating alarms and buzzes to aggravate a target's inner ear and drive it mad.



Yes...this creature seems to have once been a rubber boot. And yes...it seems to now be a snake. But it's NOT "a snake in my boot"...so don't say that.



It used to be a lady's handbag, but the handles became wings and now it flaps about like a bat. Never touch a lady's clutch. It's just not polite. And it bites.



The OMG has all the sympathetic, likeable qualities of a hungry shark. It uses its tail like a whip and it's a tough cookie, besides. A nasty bit of work, they are.



The Tiny Terrors are the foot soldiers of the Animated forces that have taken over the Otami Ruins. Their nasty spears are dangerous enough, but watch out for their leaders, the Tiny Witch Doctors, who are even worse!



Seemingly small and innocent, these toy dolls have become...twisted. Watch what they carry. They are NOT your fans.



Each evening after sunset, these disembodied flames hover in the night air. If you get too close to the flames, you might not like what happens. You have been warned.



A scouting party from an highly technological race of beings came to our planet and were stranded here. Unfortunately for them, despite their vastly superior weaponry and armor, they are the size and appearance of small prairie dogs.



This heavily armored creature is able to fling its tail section forward, hurling concentrated bursts of organic acid. If that's not bad enough, those big legs end in nasty, sharp points that can spear enemies that get too close.



Individually, these bio-electrically charged crawling critters wouldn't be so bad. Sure, they can shock you silly...but it's when they swarm as groups that they become truly dangerous. And they *always* swarm as groups.



Yup...it's a lawn ornament. In fact, there are a LOT of lawn ornaments out there...and they don't seem to be very happy-go-lucky. Together with their pink flamingo guards and pop-up mushroom cannons, the gnomes have been constructing formidable bunkers at a rapid pace and seem to be threatening Barton Town with invasion.



These undersea denizens aren't seen much, and little is known about them except that they tend to sting and paralyze their victims, leaving them unable to struggle as the tentacles slowly reel them in, wrapping them up within the clam shell as it closes. Nasty.



These bugs lose their head at the slightest aggravation...and then they reel it back in again...and then they lose it again...and then they reel it...okay...you get the point. You might even say that they're real heavy hitters...but perhaps that's going a bit too far.



Concept Drawing

Look for this monster near Bill's Ranch.

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