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Dream Avis

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Brookyln Rage


Leather Pants

Crack Squirrels

iHetalia- iPod dance party 【APH】

Hetalia Caramelldansen


Hetalia Dance

[APH] Romano to insult Germany 10 minute

Poland Nomnomnom 10 minute challenge

Yay~! I won~! 10 Minute Challenge

America shouting "I choose you, China!" for 10 minutes

[APH] China's 10 Minutes challenge 'Aiyoo~'


Who I Am

I thought I changed this a bit because I sounded too bitter. Let's start things off simply.

Hello and welcome to my profile. My name's Simone, but you can call me Moe-Chan (don't ask me how I got this nickname). I have other nicknames too, but I don't feel like typing them all down. I am a sixteen-year-old junior at a private school. I am a huge anime fan, especially with Kingdom Hearts (my obsession is almost three years old XD), and I enjoy music (infact, I can't live without music. I mean, I control myself, but music is basically my life). I enjoy reading, and I just got back to drawing for fun. I am also planning to start writing short stories (especially this one I started last year, and it's still not done. I think I'm still in chapter one). I am also becoming addicted to RPing. Which can be fun, but a little distracting when it comes to school work. I role play as Yoake in Kingdom Hearts-The Awakening of the Keyblade, Arielle Shore in Kedrick Suwa's Estate (in the Pet Shop guild), Sparxi Greene in Genesis University-Humanity's Last Hope (U//A), Moni Rivers, Zaku Ichiryuni, and their charas (Suzi, Chie, Yukan, and Kigakari are Moni's charas and Naki is Zaku's chara) in Shugo Chara Roleplay [JOIN! this is the best RP!], Laurent Michel Sanchez, Antoinette Ahmed adn Sophie Poirot in Un Romance à [an romance RP], Isabelle Watts in Licia School For The Magically Gifted [Literate/Accepting], Charlotte "Charlie" Annabeth Stone in Nexus, Th New Super Hero School ((O//A)), and Miki Arielle Taylor and Headmaster Evelynn McFlore and Keith Black in my own RP Guild Brushdale Academy: The school for the talented and gifted. It's now open and I am looking forward to people who are interested in joining ^^. I enjoy making friends, and I try to be a good friend to everyone. I'm not a bad person, so when I say something rude, please forgive me. I have a tendency to tell even the harshest truth. I am currently open, but I am being more careful about the people I date. I'm not a big person about dating online. Especially since most of the guys I've dated online are the most fake kind of people that have ever existed on this planet. Almost like the guys in my school. So in other words, I don't really date. My dream is to become an animator of own cartoon series, and I really hope this dream comes true. I'm also not judgmental about people (but I may do that accidentally). I accept people of all sexual orientations, races, and religion.

If you want to get to know me, just send me a PM. But don't think you'll get to know everything about me in a day, I have to make sure I can trust you first.

With all that said, please enjoy my profile. ^^

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Kingdom Hearts Crazy Files 2

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Some of the Anime/ Manga That I like

My Sig

~Nee nee papa wain choudai
Nee nee mama nee nee mama
Mukashi ni tabeta boroneeze no
Ano aji ga wasurerarenainda

Marukaite chikyuu
Marukaite chikyuu
Marukaite chikyuu
Boku Hetalia

Aa hitofude de
Mieru subarashii sekai
Nagagutsu de kanpai da


Adopted Chibis and Nekos ^^

I just adopted a Neko!
Name: Neko Sora
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I just adopted a Neko!
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Name: Ichigo Kurosaki
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Doesn't Like: His annoying dad
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RP Characters


<----Sparxi Greene

<----Miki Arielle Taylor

<------- Moni Rivers: Normal Form

<-------Moni Rivers: Charatcer Transformations

] <------Suzi: Moni's Guardian Chara

<----Yukan: Moni's Guardian Chara

<-----Chie: Moni's Guardian Chara

<----Kigakari: Moni's Guardian Chara

<---Zaku Ichiryuni


<----Headmaster Evelynn McFlore

<---Laurent Michel Sanchez

<----Sophie Poirot

<---Antoinette Ahmed

<-----Isabelle Watts

<---------Charlotte "Charlie" Annabeth Stone

<------Arielle Shore

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Happy birthday on your old account! xP
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cool avi
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awesome profile ^^
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better me gotz sprite
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yea lolz okiz
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i could fill in for the girl if u wanted
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haha well wht part did she have?
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lolz nice and the person just poofd? o.o odd
iBlueBabe Report | 07/15/2010 10:04 am
what ones r u in?
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i just gotta find roleplays i knw
Alexia Belmont
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Unimaginable Cruelty
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Tobi-chan Lissesul

She is totally super special awesome! And I have feeling she would screw the rules too! XD

She introduced me to yaoi. She is one of my best friends at school, and is like a mother to me. Especially since she protects me from Andy's creepiness.

She's just cool all around. I have no other way to make her seem even cooler. Another great friend from school.

Kind of predictable. no?

He makes me swoon so much! HE'S MINE LADIES!!

*SEXYBACK plays in background* How come he has cool theme music? Where's my super special awesome theme music?

Don't call Tadase-kun prince in his face. He shall go crazy!

This guy is my ninja sensei. He's nice

Good friend. Absolutely obsessed with me.

These two guys are voiced by the same dude.


The first few are my original drawings. They may look a little bad, but I'm not Picasso. I'm very proud of my work and I see it as improvement. The rest is from photobucket.

One of my first few friends. He's my older brother on Gaia (or as I call him, Ni-Chan). He's an amazing guy.

Some of the awesome people I have made friends with while Role Playing.

Prussia is so awesome!Prussia, take over my vital regions!