im xxprixx
and you can call me xxprixx
i really like animals
im in high school
my best friend is patito_kira_hinata
i love my kitten and my puppy~♥!

my hobbies are:
read, i read any kind of books.!
play chess im really good.
play the violin. not so good.
and stay here at gaia or on messenger.
im not rich so please dont ask for anything

every thing i have ive got it with my job.
and for last please dont add me as a friend if i dont know you or even talked to you.

even soo if you know me a bit ill add you ^^
and this is my profile i hope you like it.

Please visit my Art Shop~!


Visit my journal to see all my avi art ^^

**Thankyou every one!**


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Mother Birthday

Report | 04/16/2013 9:13 pm

Mother Birthday

User Image04-17-13
Mother Birthday

Report | 04/16/2012 10:01 pm

Mother Birthday

User Image 04-17-12

Report | 04/03/2012 4:23 pm


Gracias por aceptar el add biggrin

Report | 01/15/2012 4:21 pm


You're welcome! biggrin

Report | 01/15/2012 12:50 am


Just to let you know, I have finished your freebie. Hope you like it! smile
l Princess Sugar l

Report | 12/28/2011 12:01 pm

l Princess Sugar l

Oh thank you~! Merry Late Christmas~! XD Sorry for being late about it XD LOL
l Princess Sugar l

Report | 09/27/2011 10:55 pm

l Princess Sugar l

Good luck on those exams! D:
And Im glad school is going ok for you, thats way better than it being horrible xD

School is ok for me as well, I have my first Philosophy quiz tomorrow, Im really nervous for it, I should be studying right now to be honest orz but Im sure I can bs it if I have to XD
l Princess Sugar l

Report | 09/25/2011 5:06 pm

l Princess Sugar l

How are you? How is school?! :'D
l Princess Sugar l

Report | 09/18/2011 8:42 pm

l Princess Sugar l

Yeah~ ^^ and then we shall party when she returns lol
l Princess Sugar l

Report | 09/18/2011 1:03 pm

l Princess Sugar l

Thats so true :] thanks~ Im sure when she gets back everything will be wonderful ^^


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