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Her mother is a human and her father is a shapeshifter, making Ayame a "half breed" She lives in a spacious cottage surrounded by lush beautiful forest in a rural town located outside the bustling city, If for any reason, a train ride provides transportation to the city. At her home you can find the private owned hot spring and her childhood tree house near a crystal clear lake, perfect for swimming in on those hot summer days. Some years after Ayame graduated high school she opened her owned businesses in the city, a maid cafe. With the help of some friends, the cafe became a popular hot spot. When her parents made the decision to move, Ayame stayed and took ownership of her childhood home, not wanting to leave the town she grew up in and became so attached to.

So you are probably asking yourself, "What is a shapeshifter?" Known in folktales, shapeshifting is the ability to completely transform ones physical shape at will. Since Ayame was born a "half breed" she is still able to fully transform but with limited time, and can even transform parts of her body. The full transformations take over her body, almost as if she is possessed while the more simple half-like transformations give her freedom but she takes on the personality. Ayame doesn't like to fight but will protect herself or her friends if threatened. Many strangers have questioned her unique mix and she has even met a few like herself.

Behind the avi


-26, female.
-September 30th
-Taken❤ (Not interested in your pixel genitalia)
-Likes: Anime, animals, thunderstorms, A lot of things..
-Casual roleplayer.
-Plays IMVU and RuneScape.
-I do not "cyber"

I'm usually quiet around folks I don't know unless spoken to but If you have nothing nice to say I'll simply ignore you. Generally calm and silly as well as like-minded I guess. On the roleplay side of things I'm not deeply detailed, I just don't do it as much as I use to. You may or may not find this profile boring but thanks anyway for visiting. Check out my store! (。◕‿◕。)


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To my friends

I will always be the light when your days are dark and I know you will do the same for me. Amazing people like you bring me joy everyday! the greatest friends a girl like me can have. (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿) Thank you..

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Rum Bum 0_0 on 07/22/2017
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A_GentIeman on 07/09/2017
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