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. . . Windy has a dream avi.
She's kind of sort of determined to get it.
Though she has a short attention span. So we'll see.
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Items Needed:
Monster Masquerade x2
Cherry Blossom
Mystix Dance
Modus Operandi
Butterfly's Lament
SDPlus #380 The Hazmats Butterfly

Total cost: TOO DAMN HIGH!

What is there to know about me?

My name is Bela.
I am not in love with a sparkling stalker vampire wanna-be.

I live in a small town you’ve never heard of, and find that I rather like it that way. I live in the mountains, and know that I always will – My heart lays here, with the ghosts of Indians, and the eternal aspen groves. I search for fairies, and have seen the magic in this world. I’m taking one, maybe two years off of college to earn money and then explore this world. Ireland is calling. :]]

I want nothing more than to make a difference in this world that seems so ugly.

Lately, I find all I want to do is start a revolution. I want to call to arms the people that I call brother and sister. I want to make a stand, and make my voice be heard. I’m tired of this world as it is – I’m tired of being scared. I’m tired of watching this ship sink. It’s time for a change, and I long to be apart of it.

People tell me I’m kind. They act shocked when I cuss. They tell me I smile – They don’t believe I could ever yell. I think I’m too patient with the people who annoy me or hurt me. I hate conflict. I hate fighting. (That could make my desire for revolution a little difficult to fulfill neh?) I cringe at the idea of hurting those I love.

I judge people. A lot. I don’t mean to – It just happens.

I’ve stolen before – Once on accident, another time because I was fed up with being too poor to shave.

I love Muse.
I saw them live in October – It was so much better than sex ;DD

I’m really not that special.

I’ve had my heart broken – And I will again.

I consider myself to be a Sartesian Existentialist who is also Buddhist.

I write a lot. It’s pretty much my passion.

And I suppose, that’s where I will end this. That is a summary of Bela. If you want to know more, just ask me.

I dig signs ;D
I don't make it a point to collect them.
But if you make me one, I'll put it up here ^.^
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Beast;; a prologue.

Smoldering ember glowed in the dark reflection of glassed water trapped by the moon’s light. These embers, made of molten amber were set in snow white, and outlined by a thousand pieces of silk wire made of velvet night. Mountains of red split apart, revealing a hint of pink and pearl, that was meant to be hidden - like a sin. Waves of fire came down, burning in brilliant tresses against living snow that radiated with the rosy stain of life.
“What is a beast?” She asked the night. The words trembled on white smoke, rising into the air, soft, sweet and innocent in the way they whispered to the stars. “Is it the wolf that runs in the forest, hindered only by his thirst and hunger? Or is it man, who slays the wolf, jealous of his freedom, and fearful of his fangs?”
Though her reflection stared up at her, she gazed passed it, as if to scry for the future, or perhaps the past. Her reflection looked empty, hollow, sad. Though it burned against the black, it did so with no purpose. For it was only a reflection, and reflections of pretty women meant nothing once they were no longer seen.


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Thank you so much for making a huge and generous purchase recently from my store smile Much appreciated! TY
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In case you havent been notified, your commission has been posted on my art shop forum!
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cool avi

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cool avi biggrin
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Dearest Fantasy

Bawh! I'm glad you like it! biggrin

You've made my night the past few days, so I figured it'd be a good trade! biggrin

My hair was also behaving slightly, so... eh xD
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Dearest Fantasy

For you Windybby. :3

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lol thanks XD

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I missss you!



from her lungs
came the cosmos

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