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milk and corpses Report | 05/03/2014 1:43 pm
milk and corpses
ahh thank you so much!
i'm glad you like it smile
buttdrool Report | 04/18/2014 3:37 am
Aw you're sweet :3 thank you
don't feel nervous though I think im the least intimidating person probably
buttdrool Report | 04/18/2014 3:04 am
WHAT???? why redface
hex maniax Report | 03/08/2014 4:55 am
hex maniax
aw thank you redface
your bb Report | 02/20/2014 9:39 pm
your bb
hai there ;u;
i jus wanted to sey dat

ur da bess
your bb Report | 02/19/2014 4:11 pm
your bb

sigh i jus mees da hubs siiigh
your bb Report | 02/19/2014 4:03 pm
your bb
I can tell :c
I miss you sm I crai so much ;n;
your bb Report | 02/14/2014 1:02 pm
your bb
you's da bestest. emotion_bigheart
your bb Report | 02/14/2014 12:47 pm
your bb

awwu, thank you for the gift bb c':
your bb Report | 02/13/2014 11:17 pm
your bb
Happy valentine's day, bbyboo~ *u* <3


Little Script.

I'm 21, and still watch too much anime and play too many video games.

I practice animation sometimes, and I'm a College student.

If I call you pretty or something, it doesn't automatically mean I wanna see your tits or that I wanna date you.
I already have too much s**t on my mind unless you're really good for me.

Don't patronize me.
Don't pity me.
I hate it.

I'm not a hardass though, I actually am a super softy deep down...
Actually not even that deep.
Like right past the surface...
actually including the surface.
I really just want everyone to understand and love each-other.

I shouldn't write my profile drunk.
Oh well.

I'm not going to trust you until you earn it.
Unless you're a cute girl then I will trust you a stupid amount even if I shouldn't.
There are a lot of people that are not my type of person...
But I'll still like you.
I'm very understanding and crush super hard every second of my life.
I'm kinda starting to realize that online s**t bums me out.

Sometimes I get a little paranoid, that people are trying to sabotage me or something.
It's really weird and really sucks.

But I'll chat and stuff,
Message me.
Comment too.

Hurrban has got to be the coolest CBer ever.

Gay s**t.


Click this for pizza delivery.


I am going to assume you love me if you're on this list.