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Birthday: 08/09

Occupation: typing

my brief "about me"


"I'm prospering and enjoying life as it is."

💕 ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ 💕
| ♌ | 26 | ♀ | ⚤ | ph | Sekai ichi Hatsukoi | ⚣ *yaoi *bl *dj | EruRi | multiShipper | *neko atsume *criminal case *gaian trader |

my new name "Thrust Andcum" is inspired
from smutty-6-scenes in yaoi genre manga.

my former name: kyashi39

i used to play: Tinier Me
before i transferred here around 2012.
i go to Dream Selfy for comfort/torture
(for recalling TM all over again).
now a days, i'm mostly around tumblr, FB or pixiv
when i go afk from gaiaonline.

-i tend to sound mean/intimidating,
but that's not the real me.
i'm often nice all around.
i'm serious person at most but i can take a joke too.
i like laughing a good laugh.

-i draw. rarely. my deviantart for samples.
i dont charge high
because i know that i am not talented like others.
but please dont give me super low offers too. smilies/emo.gif

-easily gets stressed when rejected multiple times
and not get what i want for my avi,
which i tend to be "for keeps at most".
and who isn't stressed about this (anyway)?
...we work hard for good/reasonable offer
then still gets rejected for whatever reasons, right(?)

~ships i sail~: D18, ShiZaya, SeCiel, TakanOdera, YuKisa,
NaruSasu, SasuSaku, EruRi, KawoShin, KenShuu, KenKou, KenKishou, KenHide,
MidoTaka, MuraHimu, KagaKuro, AoKise, RinHaru, ReiNagi, KuroKen, KageHina and more.

the scary part is...this is just a fraction of what i "ship" smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif

amhmm uhhghh yesss

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TripleCritical Report | 08/30/2015 4:44 am
Thank you <3
Same to you!
MyRainyDays Report | 08/28/2015 11:42 am
I'm ok. I go to church often now. But I think my group leader is trying to pair me off with another guy in the group emotion_donotwant
I don't like him emotion_omnomnom
I prefer guys who I at least think are cute like the 3 guys I had crushes on during school.
- A sweet guy with a funny shaped head and has a cute smile emotion_bigheart
- A very chinky eyed boy who had a deep voice emotion_facepalm
- A tall guy emotion_kirakira

I would include this other boy, but I didn't talk to him much and I just thought he was cute emotion_c8
TripleCritical Report | 08/28/2015 3:53 am
It's been a while! I have been super busy and logged in only to play a little every now and then, sorry if I disapperared >3<
daionara Report | 08/20/2015 9:07 am
That's cuz it's beddy bye time!
Myst Fende Report | 08/16/2015 12:28 am
Thanks for your info. smile It's always nice to hear all sides to anything.

Ahhhh, medical transcriptionist!! I was considering that too! It sounds really interesting. Do you like it? Ugh, that sucks about the drive far away..... That must be really tiring. Hopefully no traffic involved. OTL

Haha, I don't even like journalism that much. It just happens that I was good at it in high school. Who knows if I'd be any good at it in the real world, though I have to comparison to the s**t that local journalists feel pretty confident I could work alongside them without a problem. Who knows though. But yeah, I'd only do journalism out of convenience, but my all-time love would be FANTASYYYy NOVELISTTT. *angel chorus* It just so happens I'm bad at that. s**t. Oh well. I WILL KEEP TRYING UNTIL IT FEELS RIGHT.

Haha, I'm very introverted, but I CAN go out in the big takes...effort... *passes out*
Myst Fende Report | 08/15/2015 10:43 pm
Huh. That's really weird. I know quite a few nurses personally, even ones who went to high school with me, and they only have good things to say about it. We'll see, I suppose. I don't know. LIFE. SO CONFUSING. Sorry to hear about the bad experience you've had with it. What is it you're doing now, if you don't mind me asking?

Yeah, I was thinking it'd be nice to take up journalism. I feel I could do it just to get into a career I'm comfortable with for now. But then again, journalism sounds boring as hell, haha. But it'd be something I could do from home and my personality is like....things outside drain and kill me. I' m not sure if it'd be good or bad to force myself out into the big world, haha!
Devil Triggered Report | 08/15/2015 1:17 am
My bio doesn't include my unpopular opinions/nor does my journal have the entries yet
I'm going to upload them all at once
And if my profile bio is too much, chances are the unpopular opinion things are up to twice as long cat_sweatdrop
But I'll PM them to you if you really want to see.
Devil Triggered Report | 08/15/2015 1:07 am
It's not a huge issue as far as I'm aware, I only just a week ago or so argued it for the first time
But I have a near-opposite view of tipping in comparison to the American norm, so I figured I'll do something on it, eventually.
Devil Triggered Report | 08/15/2015 12:57 am
The idea is to address the people who blame their shortcomings regarding wage on the customer for not tipping them
For like, restaurants or delivery or something
Not Gaia tipping, no
I pretty much gave up on trying to reason with anybody on whatever outlet, FB included
Occasionally I run into the gem that, even if they disagree with me, can recognize fallacies and debate correctly
But 9/10 times it's some clown who contradicts themself and refuses to acknowledge it
Devil Triggered Report | 08/15/2015 12:46 am
I've been working on journal entries for my unpopular/controversial opinions about a bunch of stuff too, but haven't got around to finishing them

- Radical feminism and the "dangerous sexualization of women"
- "Gender is a social construct"
- "I fight for total love equality"
- Religion
- Abortion
- Not tipping
- Cyberbullying

I did the...
First three, I think?

virtual homo sapiens

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Myst Fende on 08/26/2015
Pretty Pets on 08/25/2015
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