~ Hi, you can call me Shine.

~ All hellos are welcome. COMMENT.

~ I stalk profiles regularly. Big creeper.

~ Coffee is my life blood.

~ ...Preferably with Baileys in it.

~ I work 3 jobs. I like money.

~ Not into organized religion.

~ As asexual as it gets.

~ ID, Travel, Viceland, Destination Am.

~ Still chews Bubble Yum.

~ Fanfiction, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Smut.

~ I own all that I have. Don't rent kids.

~ The cat not-so-secretly hates me.

~ Ghosts, Monsters, Aliens.

~ My tattoos always surprise.

~ Spicy foreign food over American.

~ Long-term partner 1x1 RPs HERE.

~ All music except Country.

~ I will ship it. Marvel, HP, Sherlock.

~ Life experience sucks, but it's useful.

~ Cartoons are still cool.

~ As standoffish and cold as I can be, I'm only really a monster on the outside. Toasted marshmallow on the inside.

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Registered: 02/23/2008

Location: Columbus, OH

Birthday: 03/18/1985

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