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Registered: 02/23/2008

Location: Columbus, OH

Birthday: 03/18/1985

Hi, you can call me Shine.

I will stalk your profile at some point. I'm not sorry. I like to creep. *shrug*

I work three jobs to have what I do. Gettin' paid is my life!

The female version of a bachelor. Possibly dying alone. This be me.

I swear my cat plots world domination on a daily basis.

Don't be afraid to say hello in some form, COMMENT, PM, however.

Reads Fanfiction, Urban Fantasy, Sci-fi, Paranormal stuff.

RPs that involve adult themes, fandoms and OCs alike. Requirements HERE.

All Marvel, all the time. Batman can come too.

Fave music = EDM, Chill, Hiphop, Rap, Alt, Rock, Oldies, anything Glenn Miller.


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