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    Thank you to everyone who has done art for me! I appreciate it! ❤





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OGSenpapi on 09/22/2016


    Hullo bbys. I'm actually quitting gaia.

    But I'd like lots of art before I go.

    Please message me if you do art for gold so I can buy from you?

    I have a lot. ;c

    Ty ty and have a good day smilies/icon_heart.gif




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-I- Smores -I- Report | 09/21/2016 11:51 pm
Lol my bad. I'll be sure to double check before sending <.<
No, youre just short as hell. So you gotta accept it d:
Oh really? Thats pretty cool. We really are the same person haha. We got similar problems hahaha
And you gotta hold me to that then. It'll happen one day. They're gonna be the best brownies ever, i guarantee it c;
-I- Smores -I- Report | 09/21/2016 9:38 pm
Lol my bad, it was too late when i realized i didnt delete it ):
Im really not tall sips, youre trippin lol
Yeah, some people are just mean. Like please go home and reevaluate yourself <.<
Yes im Mexican haha. But i look really white. So like, no one ever believe me haha
But how would i get them to you? Thats the problem. I'll just fly over there and we can make them together biggrin
-I- Smores -I- Report | 09/21/2016 1:39 am
but yah i am short. very.
yeah trolling is fun especially when you're the one doing it
LOL good answer good answer. Did you like go to a restaurant?
can you make me them instead? c:

Nahhh, the average height is average lol. Youre just short d:
Trolling is the best, i just dont like when someone cant take a joke lol
Nah, it was all homemade. So it tasted even better c:
Yeah, i got you. I just need to find a way to get them to you haha
-I- Smores -I- Report | 09/20/2016 10:44 pm
Lol im not tall. Im average height. Youre just short d:
You like when i troll tho d:
Being a normal person sucks, i just want to sleep forever lol
Man, what didn't i eat? Haha. I ate so much.
And yeah, i was so happy. They were good too lol.
-I- Smores -I- Report | 09/20/2016 10:11 pm
lol how tall are you? and im probably not that much taller than you, im like 5'9-5'10 ):
eh yeah, just dont get offended though. im usually trolling lol
thats good, being sick is the worst/ i hope for a speedy recovery c:
and i ate some mexican food. and some cake and my little cousin made my brownies lol. thank you, im glad it was a good day as well c:
-I- Smores -I- Report | 09/19/2016 7:58 pm
Lol i dont blame you, basketball is my favorite sport d:
And i figured you buy things you dont need, thats just how women are lol
Really? I hope you feel better though! Get well soon sips <3
And thank you! It was good, i ate a lot lol. Twas a good day sips, my friend
-I- Smores -I- Report | 09/17/2016 7:36 pm
Lol that song was badass though. d:
What do you even buy? Lol. It better be my birthdaypresent <.<
And i was just saying, youre never on lol. Sorry if i was rude U.U
-I- Smores -I- Report | 09/16/2016 1:48 pm
Lol calm down sips <.<
And i really do. I need to put a chip in my brain so i know when youre gonna make a very bad financial decision lol
And thank you, i would talk to you whenever but someone gets on like once every other week lol
-I- Smores -I- Report | 09/12/2016 7:15 pm
I messed it up playing basketball lol
And you would, you gotta cut down on the shoppin Sips <.< everytime youre gonna spend something you dont need, you'll hear me yelling "NO" in the background lol
And a family emergency i had to take care of. :c
-I- Smores -I- Report | 09/12/2016 1:01 am
I remember i had to wear one of those when i messed my finger up lol
And really? How was it?
And i had some family business going on lol