Currently thinking: "I need some new interests... emotion_omnomnom "

Perfect Attendance: 4/23/13

Whovian: 1/15/14 (10th Doctor emotion_dowant )
DC Universe Online

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle
Life is a maze and love is a riddle
I don't know where to go
Can't do it alone
I've tried, and I don't know whyyyy...

But seriously, I'm a pretty random person (Gemini tend to be), so don't be surprised if I'm sugar and spice one day and out for blood the next. You can usually tell my attitude from how my avatar is dressed.
I'm a lurker by nature, only coming out when something catches my interest. I'm mysterious like that ninja
I also hang out on zOMG or the GCD.
*looks at note cards*
Oh right, I'm female and 30. That's all you're getting you stalkers scream dramallama heart
*looks at card again*
Don't mind the profile, true I like Bleach (Renji, Zaraki, and Grimmjow happen to be my faves) but really I was too lazy to put effort into being creative. Writing is more my thing. So yeah, I'm done xd


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thxs for buying heart

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Thank you so much for purchasing from my store! Hope you visit again soon! Much appreciated smile
Your Nostalgic Nightmare

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Your Nostalgic Nightmare

Appreciate the purchase and Grimmjow is my fave!~ emotion_yatta
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Artificial M0nstrosity

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Artificial M0nstrosity

Thank you for buying from my store. c:
Amalia Rayne

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Amalia Rayne

Thank you for purchasing from me. I hope you have an amazing New Year!!
Amalia Rayne

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Amalia Rayne

Thanks for purchasing from me. Much appreciated. Have a Happy New Year!

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heart heart heart thanks for the purchase ~
AFK Leona

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AFK Leona

Thank you so much for your purchase!

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Thank you for your business! heart

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Thanks for buying!


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I'm a lurker, if you see my signature then I'm not doing my job >.>'
...or I find you interesting :3