Goddess of the Night so Innocent

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Currently questing couple art. (Sapphire and Caleb emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif)

Sapphire and Knight are officially a couple. Caleb is one of Sapphire's favorite lover though.

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minathronwalker Report | 04/06/2014 7:29 pm
I miss you...
Irised Report | 03/04/2014 5:16 pm
Oh thank you heart emotion_hug
Just going through a really rough time... :' /
Madame Linwe Report | 02/21/2014 5:04 pm
Madame Linwe
it totally does. I'm not good at doing that anymore. I don't quest for things. I just hope and pray that i find the strength to wait for the gold i might need if i find an item i just love
Madame Linwe Report | 02/21/2014 4:56 pm
Madame Linwe
Maybe i'll finally have the sdbloody mary by then..maybe. I'm a horrid item hoarder..i'm also the type, that if i have the $, i spend it..normally. I actually have lots right now..i'm not sure what i want to get with it though.
Madame Linwe Report | 02/21/2014 4:51 pm
Madame Linwe
i hear you there. I keep wondering if i'm going to end up being a creepy 50 year old still on gaia some day sweatdrop
Madame Linwe Report | 02/21/2014 4:47 pm
Madame Linwe
I feel the same way. so addicting, yet so many aspect of it, just make me burning_eyes
Madame Linwe Report | 02/21/2014 4:44 pm
Madame Linwe
They really aren't. I don't even bother with mine anymore. I think gaia is to busy making an outrageously priced recolor every day to fix that problem. rolleyes
Madame Linwe Report | 02/21/2014 4:41 pm
Madame Linwe
Not bad then. 3nodding
Madame Linwe Report | 02/21/2014 4:31 pm
Madame Linwe
gifts are always nice. I hope mine did you some good. I'm not sure how much it was worth >_>
Madame Linwe Report | 02/21/2014 4:01 pm
Madame Linwe
I once got a gift from my wish list that was spendy. That was a veryyy happy day.


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Meet Sapphire~
Sapphire is the goddess of night, shadows, and death. She is Death and a reaper.
She is extremely powerful, immortal, and ageless. Her powers include animating shadows, traveling realms and dimensions, and control over souls. The control over souls includes being able to rip them away from host bodies, which results in death.
Sapphire predominantly resides in her shadow realm, which is a place no mortal should ever go to. Even if they were to survive, they would surely wish they hadn't.
Sapphire's servants
-Jared: A seemingly human servant who serves as a butler. Although he belongs to Sapphire, he has taken care of Scarlet, whom he loves deeply. While he has no abilities of his own, he has a working knowledge of the care and keeping of the Shadows.
-Caleb: A supernatural servant who serves as a guardian for Knight. Ironically enough, Caleb utterly loathes Knight, but Knight is not aware of his presence.
-the Shadows: The supernatural servants of Sapphire who have no distinct shape or life of their own. While they have feelings and wills of their own, they are very mindful of their master. They are infinite in number.
-Knight (Of Plauges): A mortal Knight who made a vow to serve Sapphire. With that being stated, she questions his loyalties.

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[quote="Cairo Luz"]Her avatar? Lovely and beautiful. Her personality? Dear God, I'm terrified! :gonk:[/quote]

Black Queen. Because the Queen is the one that can pretty much do whatever the hell it wants~ Teehee, thank you Freya.

Thank you Payo~