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Gaia's longest active Ruko. smilies/icon_heart.gif

Name: Yokune Ruko
Date of creation: 17 November 2008.
Droid type: UTAU.
Droid series: Vippaloid.
Droid number: 65 previously 03 as Luka Megurine's counterpart.
Species: "Tu yu sun wins" -rough translation: Pikachu.
Height: 6'5 or 197cm
weight: Rude to ask!
Sex: Intersex
Ratio of m/f: 9/1
Special talents: Singing in two voices (male and female).
Languages: Japanese and English.
Hobbies: Sleeping, acting like a cat, gambling, singing, drinking coffee.
Catchphrases: Hakumei yori megumishi daro, konoyaro! (I like barley than rice, b*****d!), Konoyaro (b*****d), Nya (meow).



Stay for coffee?~♥