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~About Main Cosplay~

Character Name: Gakupo Kamui
Product Name: Gackpoid
Company: Internet Co.
Character Item: Eggplant
Gender: Male
Optimum Tempo: 60BPM - 150BPM
Optimum Range: A1 - C4

Gakupo Kamui, released on July 31, 2008, is the first Japanese Vocaloid to be from a different company other than Crypton.
What is a Vocaloid? I'm told to go Google it, so...
My company is Internet Co. I sing along with Gumi/Megpoid, Codename: Lily, and Ryuto/Gachapoid in the same company.
The name I use may be a little confusing. Most call me Gakupo. Others may call me Gackpoid. Gackpoid is my formal product name. Such as we know Gumi as Megpoid; or Ryuto as Gachapoid.
I appear to be female at first due to my feminine appearance. Although when fans have figured out my true gender, I was praised for the originality of my design...
I'm told to have no official age. Personally, I think I'm 505 years old being a samurai and all that, but usually fans tend to think I'm around the age of 20 to 30 or so...
My character item is an eggplant. The sword I carry is named Music Katana Miburi. The patterns it contains releases the sound of musical instruments when swung down.
I'm seen in a white Jinbaori, which is a kind of kimono used as a battle surcoat with parts of Japanese armor. Which I should let you know, I'm the Dancing Samurai. Sometimes I can be seen riding an eggplant horse. Most love to know my horse as Nasu. As do I~
A popular song you'd like to hear me sing? I'm best known for DancingSamurai. Be sure to listen to my charming voice and get used to my odd behavior!

Please do not copy my summary, cosplay, or profile in any way without permission. Be original and take pride in your own, and other's, work! That's something every cosplayer should have.

But of course, I do not claim any art on this page.



"If you stifle all of your emotions
And swallow in everything,
You can't cry out properly;
You can't even breathe like that."
- From another song, "Breathe"