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Chaos Within

A girl sat on a chair in a wide room, she fidgeted nervously and uncomfortably. She could hear sounds from all around, but could not see because lights were being flashed directly at her. She tried to shield her eyes a bit by swinging her hair over her face but the lights were so bright that it didn't work. She heard heavy footsteps approaching and began to panic. She struggled to get up but couldn't because the chains on her wrists and ankles were binding her to the seat. Suddenly the light was blocked by a massive silhouette of a man. She was unchained by four other people. She was ready to flee but before she could run he grabbed her by the throat and lifted her up.
"Tell me," he said in a gruff voice. "Who are you?"
She clutched onto his hand for dear life. "I don't know," she said though her throat was being constricted.
"Who are you?" he demanded.
"I... dont... know," she gasped as she was running out of air.
He slammed her on the ground. She screamed in agony as her arm slammed hard on the ground.
"You have to know! Who the hell are you?"
"I don't know..." she cried. "Please, just stop. I don't remember."
The man drew his saber. "If you cant remember then there's no use for you I might as well get rid of you," he said as he lunged toward her.
The girl shut her eyes in fear and she heard a voice, 'You are no one, I am the real you.' When the girl opened her eyes again she realized she was covered in blood. Not only that but every one who was in that room was dead. All the lights were smashed except for one. It swung from side to side above her head which revealed the saber. She quickly scrambled to pick it up.
"Who are you?" she asked the voice as she stared at her own relfection on the bloodstained blade. 'I am you. I am the chaos within you...'

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Things that I really hate is people cheating on each other, I just dont see why it happens, and the the second thing I hate is empty promises or promises that arent kept. Stay clear of these or else you shall be cursed.

Hometown: My home is where Kanato is smilies/icon_heart.gif

Anywho, my name is Rika and I hail from the wonderful state of California. I like to be a nerd... I watch anime, play kingdom hearts, listen to vocaloid, read manga, draw anime characters, role-play, and write fanfics.I role-play a lot or at least I used to until the RP's slowed down. Now I just sit with my computer playing a KH rom or MapleStory. When I'm not watching anime I'm probably watching Big Bang Theory or playing Sudoku. I don't drink and I definitely don't smoke or do drugs of any sort. I also happen to have another personality that is darker and sometimes- well a lot of the times is depressed. If I forgot anything please let me know...

Rejet Favorites:

Harada Sanosuke from Wasurenagusa R18 Drama CD

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Sakamaki Kanato from Diabolik lovers PSP Games and Drama only. I dont like how his character is portrayed in the anime. My favorite line is on the heaven scenario This is what the translations said: Suddenly he whispers into her ear that, after this, everything she holds an interest in… everything in this world that is reflected in her eyes… he’ll break. >///< Nyaah I love him soo much
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KozuHiroxD Report | 07/04/2015 6:03 pm
*kozuhiro stares at her* hahah foolish human.. you really are to soft hearted washboard
KozuHiroxD Report | 07/03/2015 11:59 pm
*he laughs* do you like usagi 8 pack? haha did i ever mention he only a couple years older then you.
he would've been around the same age or close to HIdeyoshi but when he was killed in battle the god of death granted his wish and it was to look like what he look like right now
as well to become a demon and to be the god of death on earth guess you can call me the human god of death and not the spirit one? *he shrugs but sit outside and continue to watch*
KozuHiroxD Report | 07/03/2015 11:16 pm
*he slide some shirtless and clothe less pic of usagi underneath the door and using a bit of his power have the pictures slide next to her*
bwhahah *he laughs and smirks*
KozuHiroxD Report | 07/03/2015 9:39 pm
stupid paper chest *he touches her hand and she notice they got warm quickly*
your welcome. *he open the door to the cottage*
you go in i'll stay out here.
KozuHiroxD Report | 07/03/2015 8:48 pm
*he stares at her* hmm..
she look like a paper chest yeti *he started laughing hard and notice the usagi snowman* jeez this girl is still crazy about usagi..
i wonder if she'll repay him in some special favors *he smirks and laugh even more harder*
KozuHiroxD Report | 07/03/2015 8:07 pm
*he laughs* let go back paper chest.
*as they walk back toward the little wooden cottage she notice that the area that was frozen was turn into snow*
KozuHiroxD Report | 07/03/2015 7:48 pm
*he get up and walks pass her*
hahah washboard you're to weak to properly even use me to my full power.
*he laughs and smirks at her* beside ryu still think you are a a weakling.
KozuHiroxD Report | 07/03/2015 6:53 pm
*he pat the ice dragon* lets then washboard
*he get up and with one sweep from his katana everything defrost and the dragon turn back into a sword blade*
KozuHiroxD Report | 07/03/2015 5:36 pm
*she see a ice dragon appear in battle armor laying down next to kozuhiro*
hmmm? what do you want washboard?
KozuHiroxD Report | 07/03/2015 4:24 pm
*back at the clan*
Usagi.. *toyotomi look at him* do you think if she can control her true power can she actually kill those dam ninja's??
*he look at toyotomi* I don't know but all i know is that i promise i would protect her.. i promised her family and hideyoshi..
*toyotomi nod his head* do you understand that it was you who erase her memories of her past? if you didn't she would've easily recognize who you were and her parents..
even Akira her brother.. but why did you erase her memories.

*usagi look up at the sky* the day when i killed your father here parents were assassinated by the ninja clan's and Akira was kidnap and i had to go rescue him..
i didnt want her to remember any of that so i erase her memories.. but when she strong enough i'll give her the memories she needs..

*he look at usagi* does she at least remember that you two were lovers?
*he shake his head no* no. she doesnt remember at all.. hahah stupid washboard chest *he laughs at what Kozuhiro had been calling her*

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