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Check my samples here: here, PM me if you're interested.
By ordering from me, you're giving me complete and total artistic freedom to draw what I want and what I don't want on your avatar, to add and take away, and manipulate things how I see fit. If you don't like it: don't order. Simple as that.

Full - 30bil [30$] *Cash only.
Half - 20bil [20$]
Bust - 10bil [10$]
Full - 50bil [50$] *Cash only.
Half - 40bil [40$]
Bust - 30bil [30$]

If you do want a fullbody, you'll have to bribe me hardcore, I have plenty on my wishlist to choose from.

I will draw couples [prices doubled], groups [price multiplied by the number of people], gore, fanart, avatars, people, porn, tattoo designs, whatever you want honestly.

* Benefits of cash payment: Your choice of pose (I will sketch several options and you get to choose), WIPs throughout the process, PRIORITY, original file size (not resized through Tumblr or anywhere), a copy of my lines, and better quality all around.

Process: After I accept, send me the trade and I'll get you a sketch within the day or next to show you how it'll look so far, at that point you can ask me to change things (whether I do or not is up to me), after that you won't see until I'm done.
When I'm finished: I'll send you the completed work with a -very large- watermark covering the piece; after, I'll accept the trade and only once I have the gold will I send you the piece without it.
I am sick of being ripped off and treated like a slave.
I'm sorry if I sound rude at all, I'm really not, but I'm tired of this s**t.

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'Sup nerds, I'm Ren.
22, genderqueer*, asexual, lesbian, feminist, tall, aspiring tattoo artist, comic book obsessor, coffee addict and fabulously lazy.

*In reguards to the genderqueer thing, I actually have no preferred pronouns, so you can just call me whatever I don't care. She/he/they doesn't matter to me.
And if, for some reason, you don't think nonbinary genders are real: do yourself and everyone a favour and staple your hands to your asscheeks because literally no one gives a s**t.

I also have two mega cutie babies:
A ball python named Adakias and a black cat named Nidria.
Prize if you get where the names are from.

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