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I do art! You can check out my junk here, and PM me if you're interested, my prices are listed below.
About my high prices: Okay, I'm tired of being ripped off, so if you want my s**t, then you'll pay for it and I don't want to hear any bitching, you're all lucky I'm even offering art for this godforsaken website.
Also by ordering from me, you're giving me complete and total artistic freedom to draw what I want and what I don't want on your avatar, to add and take away and manipulate things how I see fit. If you don't like it: don't order. Simple as that.

Full - 300mil [30$] *Cash only.
Half - 100mil [20$]
Bust - 30mil [10$]
Full - 500mil [50$] *Cash only.
Half - 250mil [40$]
Bust - 50mil [30$]

I will draw couples [prices doubled], groups [price multiplied by the number of people], gore, fanart, avatars, people, porn, tattoo designs, whatever you want honestly.
* Benefits of cash payment: Your choice of pose (I will sketch several options and you get to choose), WIPs throughout the process, PRIORITY, original file size (not resized through Tumblr or anywhere), and better quality all around.

Process: After I accept, send me the trade and I'll get you a sketch within the day or next to show you how it'll look so far, at that point you can ask me to change things (whether I do or not is up to me), after that you won't see until I'm done. When I'm finished, I'll send you the completed work with a -very large- watermark covering the piece, after I'll accept the trade and only once I have the gold will I send you the piece without it. I am sick of being ripped off and treated like a slave.
I'm sorry if I sound rude at all, I'm really not, but I'm tired of this s**t.

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'Sup nerds, I'm Ren.
22, genderqueer*, asexual, lesbian, feminist, tall, aspiring tattoo artist, comic book obsessor, coffee addict and fabulously lazy.

*In reguards to the genderqueer thing, I actually have no preferred pronouns, so you can just call me whatever I don't care. She/he/they doesn't matter to me.

I also have two mega cutie babies:
A ball python named Adakias and a black cat named Nidria.
Props if you get where the names are from.

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