Calm your tits, they are just overpriced pixels, with no real value.
It is both sad and funny when users take Gaia so seriously.
I am not my avatar. These digital items will not clothe me or feed me. ~Stolen from Filthy Religion.

Buy my s**t cuz' if I'm selling, I probably need the gold.

Do not PM me about the price if it is below 600,000.

I like to keep the prices fairly low, so you shouldn't really have a reason to PM me, but whatever.

If you do not except the trade within a day, I will cancel it and you will be ignored.

I will put an item on hold for you if I'm feeling good and you really want the item.

I like to surprise people and put things for, like, 1 gold, so, stalk my store, I guess.

Reached 400,000,000 February 22nd 2014

Reached 500,000,000 February 24th 2014

Reached 600,000,000 March 6th 2014

Reached 700,000,000 March 13th 2014

Reached 800,000,000 March 21st 2014

Reached 1,000,000,000 April 8th 2014

Reached 2,000,000,000 April 20th 2014

Reached 3,000,000,000 April 26th 2014

Reached 4,000,000,000 April 28th 2014

Reached 5,000,000,000 May 1st 2014

Reached 9,000,000,000 May 3rd 2014

Reached 10,000,000,000/11,000,000,000/17,000,000,000 (I know, on the same day) May 22nd 2014

Reached 19,000,000,000 May 29th 2014

Reached 23,000,000,000/28,000,000,000/29,000,000,000 June 1st 2014

Reached 30,000,000,000 June 3rd 2014

Reached 33,000,000,000 June 4th 2014

Reached 38,000,000,000/103,000,000,000 June 5th 2014 /INTERNAL SCREAMING


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