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Report | 01/29/2015 12:50 am


bby sino kumanta nyang cover ng cruisin huhu
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Report | 01/25/2015 2:08 am


Baka dahil ineenjoy mo naman course mo? Yiiiiieeee. heart

Yep, even heroes fall down sometimes chos joke lang

Tuesday!!! blaugh
Wala kong Monday classes ulit yey heart
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Report | 01/25/2015 2:02 am


Chillaxin huh
How's school been? Di ka pa naman stressed?

Ok naman, malapit na pasukan huhu kinakabahan na akech
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Report | 01/25/2015 1:55 am


me is ceej heart
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Report | 01/25/2015 1:54 am


hi hi mikey kumusta
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Report | 01/22/2015 10:08 pm


I have changed..... I'm not who I once was~
jk not really I'm the same old me~ 4laugh
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Report | 01/22/2015 9:53 pm


Oh I don't know, just felt like I needed some change~ gaia_kittenstar
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Report | 01/21/2015 4:03 pm

Unicorn Lady 2


Don't get me wrong!! I am NOT judging you. Drinking is nothing to be proud of and is something that should be taken seriously. I have seen too many people ruin their lives by abusing drugs and alcohol. I say these things as a friend!! I do not want to see people that I care about abuse their bodies and end up hurting themselves or someone else. Again...end of "mom" lecture.

Have a good day and take care!!
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Report | 01/20/2015 3:58 pm

Unicorn Lady 2


I'm sorry...drinking does NOT prove how strong a man is!! Being able to be in a social situation without being drunk would by far show more strength. The time to consider the ill effects of what you're doing to your body is NOW!! You certainly do not want to go through life with a drinking problem. This is only my opinion and take it face value!! I care for you and don't want to see you ruin your life!!

Please know....I CARE!!!!

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Report | 01/19/2015 2:57 pm

Unicorn Lady 2

The only thing that I ask of you is...PLEASE be careful when it comes to drinking. I'm not trying to tell you what to do but I've seen too many bad things happen to people that get drunk! You're way to young to have something happen to you!!

Here's hoping that all is well with you!!

heart emotion_hug heart
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Report | 01/18/2015 9:21 am

Unicorn Lady 2

Hi Michael!!

I hope you are feeling better. However...if it's a hangover from drinking too much...I can't show much sympathy for the way you feel. Drinking is never a good thing. I used to drink and am so glad that I no longer do. It made me act stupid and feel even worse. (End of "mom" lecture!!)

Today is a lonely day for me. No one here to talk to. Just the tv for noise. Weekends are the hardest without the love of my life. crying

As always...sending love & hugs your way!
heart heart emotion_hug emotion_hug heart heart
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Report | 01/17/2015 11:29 am

Unicorn Lady 2

Hi Michael!

My hubby passed away from septic shock. He apparently had cancer for years and we never knew it because we had no insurance. By the time the cancer was found it was in this colon, liver, adrenal gland and part of his lungs. Once he found out...he went downhill very quickly. I am thankful that he did not have to go through the chemo which probably would have only made him sicker and his quality of life would have been horrible. It's truly a blessing that he just peacefully went to sleep surrounded by people that loved him.

Have a good day/night...whatever it may be by you!

Hugs & love to you!
heart emotion_hug heart
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Report | 01/16/2015 4:38 pm


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Report | 01/16/2015 4:17 pm

Unicorn Lady 2

HI Michael!

I am doing relatively okay since the loss of my hubby. It's not easy but I am making it. I have a great emotional support system from my friends and family so that helps more than anything.

I'm glad to hear that you're doing well. It sounds like college has been a good thing for you. I'm glad to hear that!! Continue to enjoy life to the fullest as it can be taken away in the blink of an eye!!

Take care!! Hugs & love to you!!
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Report | 01/15/2015 3:08 pm

Unicorn Lady 2

Thank you for the birthday greeting!! Sadly my husband passed away on 12/16/14. Because of this, I have been having a pretty hard time. I'm hanging in there but it hasn't been easy.

How are things with you? I hope all is well!!

Love & hugs to my long lost friend!!
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Report | 12/28/2014 2:50 am

l M O U T O

gorl salamat pala greeting!! ngayon lang ako ulit umonline e.
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Report | 12/27/2014 4:13 pm


you're squishy and i see u on CB a lot
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Report | 12/25/2014 9:34 pm


oh my god of nuggets im so in love with your profile
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Report | 12/25/2014 2:42 pm

Ezeekiel Zeeke

-hehehe- yup. 3nodding heart

Yeah, i only come here if Solia goes down or on days ... like today. :3
I don't really have anyone left here soo ...

-heh- ... I wish. sweatdrop
I'm not gonna keep my hopes up ... i'ma slooowly becoming worse as time goes on ...

Anyways, no need to worry about me ...

Take care of yourself Poc. heart
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Report | 12/25/2014 2:29 pm

Ezeekiel Zeeke

(I can give you my one if you really want it ... wink (I mean, i'm technically not here anymore ... kinda. sweatdrop whee and well .. i don't think you see me much after this sooo ... ))

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