I'm currently... watching the Walking Dead marathon all week long until the season premiere. High hopes for this season. I hope Glenn dies to death. Excited about this Negan plot.
Working on getting all my stuff changed to my new address. I'm a huge slacker.
I've also been watching American Horror Story Roanoke.
Soon...I'm totally buying Final Fantasy 15 and getting, hopefully, some mental help!
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○ My name is ____. Pretty much whatever you call me and I answer to, you may call me Nick if you don't know me.
○ I'm over the age twenty and under the age of thirty. My birthday is in one of the twelve months of the year.
○ I have lived in Florida for two months.
○ I've been working part time for now and have more free time than I did before.
○ I'm a huge fan of pretty much everything to do with the Walking Dead. I've played both of telltale's The Walking Dead, read all of the Walking Dead comics up to the most recent issue. I watch both The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. My favorite character is Rick Grimes. I'm also surprisingly a Travis Manawa fan.
○ I'm also a huge fan of anything Marvel or DC Comics. I've watched a little bit of Arrow and Marvel's Agents of Shield.
○ I also like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Preacher and some horror films. And I like American Horror Story.
○ I don't really like talking in comments. That is why there is no comment box. Private messages are awesome. I have Skype as well...
○ Kylie and I use and share twitter for cute animal retweets mostly; victvondoom