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My name is Nanaida/NaNa.
I'm 18 years in on my death calender.
I'm the gayest gay that ever gayed.
I'm Neo-Pagan. Ask no more.
If I tell you to shoo, I mean it.
I try to be nice, but when you are being a dick lick to me, I'm going to be a bitch back.
Don't flirt with me. It's not ok.
Don't touch me.
Yes, I adore Homestuck.
Yes, I like MLP:FiM.
Yes, I enjoy Pewdiepie.
Yes, I love Monster High.
No, I do not care much for Doctor Who, please stop asking me.
My favorite game is Amnesia: The Dark Decent.
I like to play Cards Against Humanity online.
I watch horror movies like a tweeker uses crack.
I paint, draw, and sew.
I can play the flute and ocarina (12 hole and 6 hole).
Tumblr is love. Tumblr is life.
I have a problem with dying my hair.
Dogs, turtles, foxes, and beta fish make me happy.
I have an unhealthy obsession with tarot.
My favorite book at the moment is GhostGirl by Tonya Hurley.
My favorite short story is the creepypasta, Jeff the Killer.

Ok, go away now.


Keep Calm
Blessed Be



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