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♥October 6th, 1996♥
♥21 years♥

F*** off

♥Pierced, Tattooed, and Dyed♥
-I have 6 tattoos (2 of which my sister had done).-
-I've got 13 piercings (Septum, tongue, central labret, philitrum, both nipples, navel, 4 on right ear, and 2 on the left).-
-My lobes are stretched to 00's. And I prefer tunnels to plugs.-
-The most piercings I had at one time was 15. I used to have snakebites and a smiley piercing. Fun facts.-
-My natural hair color is dark brown. I haven't even seen my natural hair color (other than roots) since I was 14.-
-Am I straight? Am I gay? Who knows?-
-I've been on Gaia since about 2006, I've just been on this account the longest. '13, bitches.-
-Yes, I smoke cigarettes. Yes, I smoke pot. No, I have never done meth or heroin or anything like that. I have a -little- more self respect than that.-
-I'm a friendly ******** person, I just don't have a filter.-
-What's that? A picture of me? Nah fam, take a good guess as to what I look like.-