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thewaitingtree Report | 12/01/2014 3:16 am
*hugs* thanks.

i think i'm just cynical from being asked about my health too much. koreans and their "hurry hurry" - they think colds should go away in 3 days. i'm tired of being "worried" about.
thewaitingtree Report | 11/26/2014 1:13 am
Another Carl event. You can get a Carl Jr. hat here[/url.

And there's a funny mini comic and info about elk, if you're interested.
thewaitingtree Report | 11/03/2014 10:25 pm
Squish attack! emotion_kirakira
thewaitingtree Report | 11/02/2014 10:52 pm
Aww squishies!!! I would love to meet her! heart emotion_kirakira

How are all your squishes?
thewaitingtree Report | 11/01/2014 9:37 pm
i do so miss american teas. koreans don't drink what we consider tea. anything in hot water is tea. so dried flowers = tea. and green tea almost all has brown rice in it. gives it a weird flavor.

if i didn't bring my teacup with me while it's still steeping - i'd forget i had tea and later find it cold! instant tea seems like a good idea!
thewaitingtree Report | 11/01/2014 5:29 am
holy poo those are scary movies. and you watched them back to back? brave. confused cool

you can watch full vincent price movies on youtube. biggrin tea is always le good. have you had any good kinds recently? i miss american teas.
thewaitingtree Report | 10/31/2014 12:16 am
i suppose so. i never even think about it. i just work. lol! i am out of my house for an average of 9.5 hours a day.

i'm staying in tonight and making hot tea and watching vincent price in some cheesy creepy B horror film. biggrin
thewaitingtree Report | 10/30/2014 12:13 am
analytical minds are the best. wink

i used to analyze people but i'm way lazy lately. eheh.
thewaitingtree Report | 10/29/2014 7:54 pm
well said. actually. and not rambly.

you've spent a lot of time pondering her personality.
ha! yes! squall did have that internal dialogue! (i always go back to the sanct kingdom, myself, but squall is good too!)
Clouderoth Report | 10/28/2014 9:08 pm
HAHAHA that is so coincidental it hurt!!!

But I believe it. Gaia items are not the cheapest if you want to make a cosplay.


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