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Likes: Hot herbal tea and cold black tea, Fall, opera, J-Pop, cartoons, art of all kinds, dangling earrings, pleasant conversation, couscous, video games (especially the Final Fantasy series)...

Dislikes: Hentai, creepers, quinoa, time limits...

Art by the fabulous Mika_Len
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thewaitingtree Report | 06/13/2017 7:11 pm
Neon censored penises would be hilarious!!!! biggrin And so would those mud flap ladies!
(oh man so. today while out driving. i saw a d**k drawn on a road sign. xd )
thewaitingtree Report | 06/08/2017 4:35 pm
Haha. It is. The items are cheap. But the videos are funny. ^^
Probably someone in CB. xd
thewaitingtree Report | 06/08/2017 9:43 am
i just got a 2nd anon gift with videos - youtube - kristopher killborn (it's like trance/electronic music and little claymations... )
*scratches head* who on earth sends these?
thewaitingtree Report | 06/06/2017 4:02 pm
According to google, no one has that book title just yet. heehee! emotion_awesome
thewaitingtree Report | 06/01/2017 5:02 pm
Naw, it's okay! I don't even remember you saying anything wrong. Caleb was a douchebag. I don't hate him anymore. He's actually not the douchiest. Sure he's a trap. But he's considerate. Like. Really. Caleb might be a horndog, but he always understood consent and never pressured me to do anything. Never touched me inappropriately. Never used the excuse of "dating means I can touch you."
There are dicks out there who know better but do it anyway. Assholes.
Caleb's a saint comparatively! xd He knows who he is (not family material, not husband material) and up until that point - hadn't broken that. I half think the woman pressured him or maybe even poked holes in the condom! (sounds harsh. but like... yeah.. it was immature of him to date me. and the same goes for me. but it was mature of him to end things. i can appreciate that now.) ^-^
And don't worry about it. I've not always made the most wholesome choices either.
But we learn some. And that's what matters!
thewaitingtree Report | 05/25/2017 4:11 pm
Mm, not too bad. My allergies have reduced since I started on local honey. biggrin
thewaitingtree Report | 05/22/2017 9:06 am
how's the spring allergy season treating you?
thewaitingtree Report | 05/02/2017 6:41 pm
lol! you should patent that. "shitty people detector". ^^
thewaitingtree Report | 04/28/2017 6:59 pm
YES. You're so right! Not a toe! I won't be fooled into a false sense of security.
Thank you for the encouragement. I need it sometimes. I need to know it's okay to think some people are shitty.
thewaitingtree Report | 04/04/2017 9:22 am
*snuggly hug*

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