I mostly go by Mirin, but I have various nicknames given to me by my friends. Feel free to call me any variation of my username.

I'm 30 years of age and can be very introverted and pessimistic.

I curse a lot and get really absorbed into art and music. I enjoy doing research on things that I find fascinating. I like to know things so on rare occasions I can get carried away. sweatdrop

I usually won't talk about my life issues except to a select person or two that I trust. And sometimes I won't even tell them unless I think its worth mentioning. I don't like burdening people with my problems, especially when they have their own to deal with. Otherwise I'm cheerful-ish.

I am open to new ideas, but if it doesn't work or I don't like it, then it just doesn't work bro. Doesn't mean I'm against it, just means it isn't gonna work for me.

Games I am interested in: (Feel Free to Suggest Something I might Iike I'm Always open to trying something new)

Dragon Age Origins/Awakening
Dragon Age II
Dragon Age Inquisition
Dragon's Dogma
Poke'mon Red thru X and Y (I don't count OR/AS since they're kinda remakes plus they didnt make Emerald DX)
Fire Emblem Awakening
Mass Effect 1,2,and 3
Harvest Moon (all of them)
Story of Seasons
Rhythm Heaven
Patapon 1-3
Little Big Planet 1-3
Animal Crossing (any of them)
Sonic the hedgehog, preferably before he went 3D
Uta no Prince Sama (haven't any money to buy them, but they look fun)
Super Mario Bros (except what NA got for the 2nd one) ******** that game

Want to talk leave me a comment here and I shall get back to you XXX