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No random friend requests please! If I don't know you,
haven't talked to you, I'll politely decline!

Female | 26 yo | Hetero | Mixed Canadian | INTJ-A | Pisces

Sup. You can call me Mana
Who is Mana Caelum? He's my humanoid, white arctic fox OC
Originally joined in '06. Changed accounts in '08
I love to Draw, Sing, watch Anime and play Video Games

Music: J-pop, J-rock, K-pop, R&B, Techno, Electronic, Instrumental, Indie,
Reggaeton, Latin Pop, Alternative Rock, Pop, Acapella, Acoustic, Trance
Game Consoles: N64, Playstation 2, PS3, PS Vita, PS4

People who've gifted me:
A special thank you to ..E.r.o.t.i.c.. for gifting multiple items from my wish list!

Paramour's Break by l Yume l
Deus Persona by Poop Anon
Lovely Lady Soldier Wasabi by ldiot Savant
Song of Amour by Lurking Anon
Astra-78: Blue Blinking Kyun Sparkle Eyes by MaKing Squishy
300k by 342tashauna
Sweetheart Schoolboy by Jengr
Milk the Cat by ´ll [ E d w a r d ]
Akihabara Somebody by ´ll [ E d w a r d ]
Heavy Groove by Regurgitated Tea
Lovely Lucie by PS stalker Anon
January 2015 Black Box by B R A I N
March 2015 Sealed letter by lethargic bookworm
Astra: 12th Gaiaversary Cake by Anon
Ribbon Candy by I Eat Old Guys
Light Edgar Hair by Anon
Townie Accents 5 pack by Starmark_21
Pristine Koyosetsu by I Yume I
Astra: Sweet Charming Blush by Madame Lee

If you have any questions that aren't personal, feel free to ask or chat with me!
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