I am a puppet dancing on razor strings...how the red drips at my feet...reflected in hollow eyes. I am a marionette guided by fate's hand...the world spins round as I remain still, waiting. I am a doll crafted by hatred's tools...yet in hatred I do not repay my creator. I am dead on the outside...and within a hollow shell I remain living, for now.. waiting for the time when I may join my empty vision into the realm of darkness. Where everything ends, and ultimately begins..

Alright, a little bit about me if you really want to know. I joined gaia way back in 04 under a different name, which I changed to the current one in late 05. I was going to college with the hopes of attaining a masters degree in Egyptology, but all that changed last year.

I was diagnosed with paramyotonia congenita, and now the slightest bit of exercise or strenuous activity causes severe and painful muscle spasms or cramps in my legs. So since then I have devoted my life to the online world, and am enrolled in the Art Institute of Pittsburgh online to get a degree in Game Art and Design.

I am online nearly 24/7, and most of that time is spent on my Messenger, running three forums, being on Gaia, and general internet browsing.

My Interests are as follows, and note that there are far too many to really list.

Likes: Egypt and Egyptian Mythology; Various Anime; Drawing and Digital Painting; Reading.

Dislikes: Kids that think they know everything and feel they have to point it out at every chance they get, annoying idiots.

I am most easily found among the B/C forums.


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Shadows of Insanity

My thoughts, I guess..I don't know. I don't talk much, so I guess this can be my excuse..or something? Oh, I do't know. ..please, no comments on my lack of sanity at times. I KNOW already..deal with it in therapy.



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thxs for buying heart

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I've been doing alright. What's keeping you busy these days? razz

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Pssst. ;D How you doing Malikztiah?

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Hello ! thanks for buying heart heart heart

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thank you for buying from my shop

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thank u 4 buying at my store
hope u like it n enjoy it
hope to see u again soon cat_smile

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ilu Malik!
Celia Cardone

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Celia Cardone

Thank you for your purchase!

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He's still around, still draws and plays video games.
he's on my fb and I believe on skype but due to our diff time zones, never see him online much.
Lots of stuff has changed for me. I grew up, more or less, lol.
You doin alright yourself? What're your hobbies these days?

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No kidding.
How have you been?
Been like what, 7, 8 years? Geez.


Stars and Blue, this year's got a theme~ ♥
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G-Mom 1924 - 2016 </3
6/11/16 CK, I miss you already little campus kitty. </3